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  1. http://www.capitalsthlm.com/walls/stockholm/images/v/v001.jpg'> http://www.betongen.net/panks/bilder/vim2.jpg'> http://www.betongen.net/panks/bilder/moas2.jpg'> man this guy is the shit. i love the Vims piece to death. 16v.
  2. sixteenvandals


    how many writers do you think are out there that could do a piece where the letters are completely covered up and the piece would still be readable? 16v.
  3. sixteenvandals


    http://www.fototime.com/{3A77C39C-C857-4E02-B1A5-5CB1B2DAC50A}/picture.JPG'> "Damn Seagulls" 16v.
  4. sixteenvandals


    I know ghost did mad dope shit. tons of shit i do was earlier done by ghost, but you are dead wrong if you are saying ghost did a piece with no visible letters. don't be vague and stop making half baked refferences. 16v.
  5. sixteenvandals


    if there is one thing that was original, it was that cloud piece. that wasnt a bite. its a piece with NO visible letters, yet everyone can read because of the style. 16v
  6. sixteenvandals


    when did i act tough?
  7. sixteenvandals


    http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3db05b3127cce88d08ec368540000001610'> 16v.
  8. sixteenvandals

    RIP Miss Elizabeth

    i wonder what she od'ed on.
  9. sixteenvandals

    true legends are made, not born !

    thats fucking doooope! is there really a part of the country where people are that pure and uninfluenced by the internet? good things will come of this... 16v.
  10. sixteenvandals


    kerse is the shit.
  11. sixteenvandals

    Atlanta Battle.

    damn, if this is what graffiti has come to, I FUCKING QUIT. that shit is so fogged with bullshit, and whats with these middle school themes?? i just realized one thing that bothers me about this new style people do, they hold the can about 12 inches from the wall and fog the shit out of thier whole piece. some people are fooled by this blurry technique, but to me it looks like they are trying to disguise thier piece. i think the last one is the best. 16veez.
  12. sixteenvandals

    some new flicks

    i really hope people dont think my stuff looks like jome and stae. jome and stae arent even 70's or 80's classic graff. they are more like some 2000's attempt at trying to do throwback vintage shit, but since they just graduated from spaghetti squiggles they are having trouble pulling it solid or classic letters. that being said, this is an improvement from that spaghetti and meatballs shit they did before. 16v.
  13. sixteenvandals

    Early Albuquerque-The Hidden Graff Gem!

    whats up with MOST? he still into graff? we used to party at his house when his dad was gone. me and agree shot the back windshield out of a moving car witha pellet gun from most's back yard. the person came in and found us, and we somehow convinced the cops that the dude was dilusional and was assaulting us and the guy almost got arrested and nothing happened to us. that was in 1989 maybe 1990. too bad agree isnt around still. 16v.
  14. sixteenvandals

    Early Albuquerque-The Hidden Graff Gem!

    Hey, hopefully you are still writing. i hope that silver pen got you hooked on hitting up. 16v.
  15. sixteenvandals

    Early Albuquerque-The Hidden Graff Gem!

    i rememember going to levis eats when i was 16. i must have been the only white boy there most of the time. but back then if you were in ATK you were pretty well cared for. i love all the pre 1993 albuquerque stuff. that was when it was really dope.
  16. sixteenvandals

    The future's so bright....

    damn that shit was all dope. those are good pieces all of them..
  17. sixteenvandals

    Backjumps, frontjumps and surfjumps!

    hey vandalz4ever. keep talking about how impossible it is to get muni to run, might make them think they are doing a good job of preventing graff.
  18. sixteenvandals

    Hey, it's ok...swap the "G" for a "C" and you got CREY!

    hmm. i will say i was a little curious what that piece was. went has been doing good graff for a long time. seeing those letters together like that bugged me out i admit though. no big deal it isnt like the guy is trying to write CREY. hews, i wouldn't start talking trash about grey though. and DANFIELDING, do you mean to tell me that having a kid makes you more significant in graffiti? you need to stop criticizing peoples appearance and think a little bit about what the fuck graffiti is. 16
  19. sixteenvandals

    Keep it Green, Keep it Clean - The Irish steel thread

    i cant believe i never hit those. i was so close and never went. 16v.
  20. sixteenvandals

    walking with ghosts...

    the wierd thing is.... i like hobo streak tags, but i cant stand the way new jacks do them. i bet the hobos are sitting there like "oh god those suck, they dont have any idea how to do a good streak" i think the key is, the new kids are doing over-stylized tags, while the hobos us regular hand writing rather than wanna be tags. and thier characters are always really basic and simple made of a few lines maximum. people, why not try to do the streaks the way they are supposed to be done, if you are so into preserving the art of it. 16v.
  21. sixteenvandals


    do all you fuckers really wear those shoes? but you obviously dont do graff cause you would ruin those fuckin shoes.
  22. sixteenvandals

    Northwest Superthread II(without crappy flicks)

    i agree. that roller is weak. it is a good spot that could be rocked nice, bu whats on there now is futile and actually worthless.
  23. sixteenvandals

    OUCH!!! "I could piss a better piece" OUCH!!!

    why do you keep saying stuff about the rambler? and, i think that NAT thing was done with a rusto fat cap, what caps did you want them to buy???? fucker who cares about caps you toy. 16v.
  24. sixteenvandals

    spot light: astism

    this guy is pretty good. even more strange though is the REY EDK stuff. i thought rey dissappeared back overseas. 16v.
  25. sixteenvandals

    Piecing and Bombing in Ireland

    yeah i like how people say they are "irish" yet they have never been there, or nor do they know anyone from there. i might go to ireland next time im in britain. 16v