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  1. it is most unfortunate that certain ex boyfriends are incapable of holding polite conversation. perhaps it has something to do with IQ. (MIT my ass). ...fucker....
  2. i have a pink cashmere hat that is one of my favorites. i thought i lost it last year. and i was sad but then i found it underneth a chair in the auditorium.
  3. on vinyl (in desending order) fugazi-furniture micheal jackson-thriller or is it called beat it? black flag-six pack on cd issac hayes fugazi-argument people under the stairs embrace freshly "borrowed" from roomates pulp fiction soundtrack weezer new bjork belle and sabastian freshly lost to unidentifible sources antonio carlos jobium rushmore soundtrack acelyon
  4. does it make me a super dork that this is an issue with my roomates, not my non-existent boyfriend? anyway my ex made me listen to all hip-hop all the time. he pretends he likes other music, sometimes even mine, but im pretty darn convinced that his ears only hear hip-hop. oh there was this one thing though that he would always play: his picture record of strawberry shortcake(the cartoon). over and over...
  5. Frida Kaloe


    i want one. too bad they are wicked expensive. something about the purple box, and its called game cube, very appealing. i guess ill just have to stay loyal to the original
  6. harold and maud harriet the spy hackers halloween series pulp fiction warriors rushmore city of lost children there are a bunch more, but im having a mental block
  7. dr. pepper ting squirt as a tequila chaser
  8. rotting out sick-o-me hope take me straight back to freshman year of high school. heard them first on a mix tape then, finally picked up everything sucks last spring (im a little delayed)
  9. the japanese make the most mind blowing textiles in the world. this one dying process called ikat, they dye each individual thread and wrap tiny threads around sections to resist the dye and it all makes a pattern, its so amazing they also make their own gold leaf thread that is such an incredible process. i want to move to japan and sit in the woods, and make natural dyes, and weave.
  10. for anything odd and a bit herion addict like, i say squirelley a slut bag is a cum catcher instead of really?, for serious? and some times i throw s's on things where there wouldnt be one like barnes and nobles
  11. you kids need to try morning star vegan nuggets. now im not vegan but mc donalds, aside from unknown chicken parts, packs those things with soy and stuff. so these vegan ones taste the same without the gross stuff. check out the freezer section of your local grocer.
  12. with deaththreat can anyone justify this for me?
  13. no no not all hardcore bands are sxe at all. madball anyone? and yea if its a club where the show is at they do sell beer. now i drink but i wouldnt feel comfortable drinking at show. not because im afraid of getting beat up, but it just doesnt seem like the right atmosphere? maybe its because i was sxe for so long... its also pretty annoying when people get pissing drunk at a show because that combined with the aggression always creates a fight. then again fights can be pretty entertaining. but not the sxe vs. ex-sxe fights. those are just lame
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