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  1. I lurked right through dAnce N grAff, homo dungeon, kettiecat and many others. it was a wild scene.
  2. yes. tommy boy or the farley snl greatest hits
  3. the best marker is a log of poop with a sock around it. new def. to the phrase "merck shit!"
  4. what is in a flying zomba? i saw it in that steve martin movie my blue heaven
  5. the giants of new york. I hate eli manning, but that was some shit today.
  6. husky JNCOs, black/gold Iverson 3's and a avirex jacket with battery powered dragons on the back. they set my ponytail on fire sometimes.
  7. Mnyama..post up flix of your shit. I'm sure they will back up all that talk. I've got no hate for you, just a request here. Make it right, show & prove. Thanks, potna!
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