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  1. class assignment. vacation poster. AbuDhabi meets Weekend At Bernie's/Miami Vice/Back to the Future 2
  2. PaperbackWriter

    The Draft

    2 words: Iggy Pop. It only took my man 2 hours to dodge the draft! Homeboy just rocked the crazy wood with no briefs at the inspection and was subjected to a battery of psychological testing which he gladly failed. I also heard rumors of some dude putting peanut butter in his droors and pulling out handfulls and eating it in front of the draft board....they thought he was eating poop!
  3. Heavy Cee n the boyz! damn! army will always be cold lampin with pure flava
  4. damn..I got the Ecko shirt with the ROOTS iLLadelph halflife theme back in '96. It had the whole silhouette from the cover art of the ROOTS jammin and I thought Ecko was gonna keep making shit like this consistently. Flash forward to 2k5 and it's white dawg mania.
  5. this guy...this is the guy. Does anybody know if he actually painted anywhere when he came thru? All I found was this one tag on the payphone near the Subway on Warren/Woodward. OZE has been in my top 5 for years, if anyone has got flix of other shit he dropped while in the D, please do post.
  6. take it back 2-3 summers ago... Palmer Park handball courts, what!
  7. "Jesus got a wooden leg and wears an eyepatch/ and got the jolly roger silk-screened on his jean jacket"
  8. whoa...only those which I could scan from the Thrasher magazine "graffiti" issue from '96. I think that I could find it, that wall was really cool...the black background with the puppet characters and the "beloved detroit" letters above it all that issue of thrasher had the beloved wall AND sect pieces. and a dibs.
  9. It's 3:37 and I still ain't left the rest/ electric relaxation from a tribe called quest
  10. This was my favorite thing to see on the way down to the yard before the building was demolished. I believe it has something to do with the incinerator...maybe..
  11. I liked those RESON MSC tags, does anyone know if the guy ever did any pieces? That I would like to see.
  12. here's what I found so far on the DUBL tip, somebody should post his pieces if they got em...like the AMTRAK wall that said "midnight marauders" above it or the yard spots. MESH! SECT. those would be nice too.....
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