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You Are a Toy

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  1. You Are a Toy

    Least favorite smells?

    what's the big deal? i cant stand the smell of lesbian's feces. mabey they dont shit on the streets where you're from, but around my way we've got 300lb dykes with mohawks and those earrings with chains that hook to noserings, shitting on every corner in the city. it's sickening. dont even let me get into their body odor. it's dis-fucking-gusting. they don't shave nor shower. they just hang on the streets shitting themselves and yelling obscenities at any good looking young highschool girls that happen to be walking by. highschool girls who are just eager to take a ride for their lives on my 16 inch penis. mabey i should go stick it in the ear of one of those 300lb mohawked ear/nose ringed lesbians, and spooge right into their skulls. alas, i doubt that will do any good towards getting rid of their rancid smell.
  2. You Are a Toy

    Least favorite smells?

    lesbian shit... i dont know why, but it smells way worse than the shit of a man, straight woman, or infant for that matter. fucking gross.
  3. You Are a Toy

    I need boyfriend help.. guys? gals?

    fuck him without a condom.
  4. You Are a Toy

    some info for the morons

    krylon2 is a cop and a toy.
  5. You Are a Toy


    wicked good.
  6. You Are a Toy

    graffiti assemblies ?

    ^15 yr old toy.
  7. You Are a Toy

    Mook is caught..

    fahkin toy. wicked...
  8. You Are a Toy

    ....crew bs........

    i dont know but it's wicked fahkin stupid. fahk this im going to scootah's to watch slapshot.
  9. You Are a Toy

    If graffiti were a sexual act it would be like...

    dood what tha fahk is this shit all about? wicked awful.
  10. You Are a Toy

    5mh and what it stands for...

    wicked bad.
  11. You Are a Toy

    you need to read this!

    wicked terrible.
  12. You Are a Toy

    what do you think of MIZ303...

    wicked weak
  13. You Are a Toy

    big poppa kane

    wicked true
  14. You Are a Toy

    this is why I burn

    that shit is wicked generic. you're still wicked terrible and your attitude sucks almost as bad as mine.
  15. You Are a Toy

    LONG ISLE....ABK (fr8s)

    tell that kid to get some new letters Nace isn't with us anymore and he should respect his originality. wicked bad.........