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  1. LEAD takes the cake.... cleanly and crispy reminds me of KFC befor they joined with tacobell
  2. yo black bird.... for the letters of the gondolas that come here are GIEX and some are listed as RIRX as well need you want to no more email me at haro062927@aol.com
  3. i love these post! they make feel all warm inside and stuff?
  4. dam hommy resto zero got stamped that sucks............
  5. clean ass worms..:D :lick:


    Anybody herd about the derailment of the freight train about 50 miles north of detriot....the aerial flick they showed had a nice 75 ft'er boxcar followed bye a auto rack and other bax'ez that shyt sucks.....those cars will probably find a home in a yard for good now....i wonder if people had anywhips in the autorack that sucks if they did.....also did anyone ever notice more de-railments happen over dridges?? well atleast from what i see...........so what it comes down to is.....is it RIP for those railcars or what?
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