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  1. Hey, here is the url for info to Summer Session 4, June 29th 2002, in Strasbourg/Kehl, France, Germany: www.risingsuns.com Peace! TARE www.tarestyles.com
  2. TARE

    *** RIME.kcw !

    :) hey man thanx, that interview is getting slightly out of date tho... the flix are phat enuff... Peace TARE tarestyles.com
  3. TARE

    *** RIME.kcw !

    ...Rime is NOT from NJ? yea ure right he's from George Island in the South Pacific... along with Elvis and Albert the 3rd... :) Anyway...
  4. TARE

    *** RIME.kcw !

    http://www.tarestyles.com/images/rime97.jpg'> Hello to all! This message is to announce the adding of 28 new RIME.kcw flix to his interview on www.tarestyles.com, there are now a total of 98 flix available for viewing! To see the flix, go here: RIME.kcw interview Peace and take care! TARE.kcw.tm.rs http://www.tarestyles.com/images/rime77.jpg'>
  5. www.tarestyles.com/cphreport.htm Man! U Europe cat has no shame or WHAT???? Another straight rip off of my website copenhagen section and NO props WHATSOEVER??????????? I mean come on! Whats up with that?? Laterz! TARE.kcw.tm ------------------ WWW.TARESTYLES.COM
  6. HEY YO! To the peeps at 12ounce, u cats ALWAYS rip off flix from my website without giving ANY kind of props to my site whats up with that man?????? For real thats very f. whack! If its u KERN then thats ok, but give some props! U cats did the same with the massive collection of flix I have on my boy rime... just linking to my site, loading the flix directly from www.tarestyles.com... I share very readily, but YO, the least u can do is give some aknowledgement that they r from my website... Sorry for sounding like an old crap head! http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'> Peace TARE.kcw.tm www.tarestyles.com/asummer.htm **NY R.I.P! **NACE R.I.P!
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