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  1. smeoo

    perth city

    yeah i'm with Enimee..Metals?...wack...if your reppin metal make it brutal bitch...pink straight letters??????... reign in blood.. DND
  2. smeoo


    consistantly ill... i can never see enough of this shit...
  3. smeoo

    perth city

    Sever was in Perth!..ill shit. bumpo for AM
  4. smeoo

    perth city

    my man MUDS getting hectic....
  5. smeoo

    i need advice... (trying to fuck a co-worker)

    oh man.... it's good to see some things never change.... in a depressing, head shaking sorta way.....
  6. smeoo

    The "Ansiq" Thread

    fucken what!?.. get back on this shit for 2 seconds and some fuck calls you a girl!...
  7. smeoo

    The "Ansiq" Thread

    fuck me!...turn around for a year or two and this fella gets all good n shit..that white end to end!...you mad bastard..
  8. smeoo


    no stress...i guess the the point is don't comment on people or scenarios that your not really part of...saves everyone drama...
  9. smeoo

    *.Happy Birthday TT BOY.*

    Happy birthday bruz....mudles aka evilistic told me to call you an utter, utter fag but i'm not gonna....
  10. smeoo


    Texas huh!....i can dig it....
  11. smeoo

    killer bliners 2

    you ain't lyin..
  12. smeoo

    killer bliners 2

    ^^^ Pushy cunt..
  13. smeoo


    this man lies not...a huge inspiration for many years.
  14. smeoo

    Europe -----[[Poland chapter]]-----

    HEY QBA!..long time no hear my man... some wild stuff there bro..they your shots from back home?...
  15. smeoo


    I went and saw The Cro-Mags when they were in Sydney last week, and blow me down if Rocky George wasn't their stand in guitarist....good stuff.