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Everything posted by RIM THE JOB

  1. Wow that worm wholecar is off the hook!
  2. all naked gun movies...
  3. haha... i used to do that a couple years ago.. the girls would have screen names like XXXsexychick4uXXX...i best most of them should really have screen names such as XXXisuckatlifexxx kudjpyuihtbkuhydfk,:eek: :mad: :rolleyes: :D :idea: :confused: :P :) :confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. ANYTHING started by makro.
  5. phish- a picture of nector. chocking victim-no gods no managers leftover crack stiff little fingers random songs downloaded dag nasty-can i say wig out at denko's thats about all. :P
  6. hey maybe you should have just told people in person.. instead of blowing up the spot even more.. think man think.. police read this shit.. just because one ranger doesnt mind doesnt mean some vandal squad fuck doesnt mind.. dont name locations fuck....
  7. Sublime Bob Marley Sublime and.. Sublime
  8. there arent many graffers on this board.. im a graffer.. maybe we can graf some time.. im always down to go graffin with other graffers, i have many friends that are graffers we go graffin all the time, did i mention i was a graffer? person who says "graffer"=HELL! say writer.. and when talking about writing graffiti a couple ways of saying is, to go bombing,painting,catching tags, drinking etch bath after school with freinds ect ect.. not fucking graffing with my fellow graffers. ahhh it pisses me off..
  9. just a reminder police DO read this
  10. hey COK.. where are you from... there is a crew in boston called pbs... just wondering.. grow pbs
  11. the nace tribute is hot shit,and that eruptoe is just to good.
  12. the kid might as well put his adress and phone number.....
  13. worm is good.. loguasffdhsdgtmk
  14. those are horrible.. i dont like them at all.
  15. ziggy marley was my first, saw him when i was about 13.. my family and I went to the concert with no tickets.. we tried buying some off people, that didnt work.. then my father said "ahh fuck it, lets climb over the fence and run in." so we did..me, my parents, 6 year old sister and brother hop a fence to watch ziggy marley.. why i was there... i have no clue.


    edited because what i said made me sound like a skitzofrantic midget on crystal meth...
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