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  1. also ive always wondered why seattle is never seriously considered for a team.. i know theres a lot of hockey played in that city.
  2. Carolina made it in a similar market to those other southern teams so who knows what could happen.. Being a team in those cities it is alot harder to draw the likes of a really good GM, coach management etc.. rather than living in a city with a huge market, which goes hand in hand with having a good team.. making the playoffs and bringing in a good crowd and making the sport grow in popularity within the city. I think the hamilton idea is a cool concept and a team would do well there but we really dont need to be takinig teams out of the west and bringing them east.. the season of travel for the western conference teams is bad enough as it is with detroit, nashville etc. anyways i dont really care either way its not my money.
  3. canucks played well tonight...nobody crashing the net really and solid D all around. now lets go anaheim
  4. it reminds me of the reverse of the name
  5. i just caught the matching hense that goes with that norm e2e
  6. i pretty much have all that stuff minus the sweatsuit and tickets to the next game.. i was hoping they would play calgary so i could go here...oh well. game two should be good tonight
  7. or maybe for the people that dont live around there anymore.
  8. if the canucks stay out of the penalty box they will win the series. the caps dont have the defense to deal with the penguins....as much as i wanna see the caps win.
  9. mike green had a horrible first 3 games of this series...although he had the flu.. good game tonight though and good on federov getting the game winner. i got penguins over caps. boston over NJ.. Anaheim over detroit in 7 and vancouver over chicago in a long tough series. i think home ice will be the decider in the van chicago series.
  10. did you get the other side of the dkal and diar mrl?
  11. nice thread bfk and yme stand out
  12. if your really gettin money your probably either living in alberta or texas like i am
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