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  1. if any of you liked GUMMO then check out JULIAN DONKY BOY,or if you can get your hands on FIGHT let me know...whats the directors name that did KIDS..GUMMO..FIGHT..JULIAN DONKY BOY anyone know?i know its the same guy. iv seen a show on him on IFC,but forget his name.can you help?
  2. ha ha ha ....ha ha ha...some ruff riderz KEEP IT REAL FAKE!
  3. what the hhhheeeelll am i looking at!kill me in the face!
  4. why dosent mexico have a navy? because cardboard dosent float..
  5. aaaaaaaahhhhrrrrroooooyyyy ... ...yup..i like the post kilmeded!
  6. nice post...nashville looks like its got a rockin seen....can anyone post some more fr8s cought in nash...thanks!
  7. its not working for me... pics are not comeing up!!!fix it...who rocks NME and what dos it stand for.if you dont mind me asking, and if you do sorry...forget it.thanks. [This message has been edited by freighthunter (edited 05-29-2001).]
  8. jankie whats gay about this thred.....i like
  9. have you herd the band fuckemos...some killer shit no joke!i am not dissing emo music thats just the name of the band
  10. cali is looken hot!love the styles and spots they rock....yup!!
  11. i like em.....let see some more!yup
  12. name some kick ass films and why they kick ass!
  13. "its nearly a flesh wound" "no man shell pass" BLACKKNIGHT
  14. nice flix...."respect the king"WORM-yup..yup!
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