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Everything posted by freighthunter

  1. that hoes rolldown is still running??
  2. voicemails??? where do you get this shit from? i said that to frasier mills because i have a personal beef with him and i dont like him. simple as that. i dont give a fuck what you say whoever... they can stand up for themselves.. im definantly not scared to line up against anyone, and people who know me will vouch for that.. i only go this site about once a month lately so i probably wont look at this thread again. everyone of us will cross paths at some point. till then im not really thinking about any of this, i have alot better things to do
  3. hell yeah saw that coming, that name will live forever
  4. if youre gonna keep coming on here after all this time running your mouth to friends of mine im gonna come find you.. beat you down like never before and spit in your face! i still owe you from back when your big ass mouth was runnin a while ago! ill be in van every weekend over the next month so let me know and ill come see you, make an appointment with your dentist!! big mouth has been faggot! ask around, the dutchman is strictly buisness and has no remorse for chumps like you! seeya soon:scrambled:
  5. loose lips sink ships. because you dont know dosent mean it dosent happen
  6. naw demos isnt, its probably cause those were painted with the kogs
  7. Im pretty sure I know what big money is. whether he does or not.. who knows. who cares :huh:
  8. im pretty sure being white or scrawny has nothing to do with getting money.:scrambled:
  9. that river and stalk tbox is hot as hell
  10. must suck getting busted going over boxstarz like that
  11. how about a big hell yeah for The Vicious Cycle
  12. iek is dutch hoser catch 22 ihad hoser uskae and novel
  13. i dare you to smack the teeth out of a girl faggot!
  14. i didn't really mean i you'll have a good coach etc.. if your in a good hockey market.. i meant it doesn't help bring the best in a bad market. lots of good markets have bad management and so on.
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