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  1. No offense at all, but a good deal of those "assholes" have lost friends/family of their own from war. A lot of them are flat out angry, and protest as progressive step as well as a way to honor those who've died for a government that wouldn't return the favor. Gulf War Syndrome and your local, crippled, homeless vets are shining examples.
  2. Not that voting is wrong -- I'll vote my ass off -- but what a mess. On the left, we have dumbass wooden statue #1 -- he actually walks and talks, he'll fearfully support corporate lobbying, thoroughly engage in useless partisan political agendas, enjoy the comfort of shady campaign finances, arrange for criminal pardons when his term is up, and massage the firm hand of a wealthy aristocracy shoved tightly up his squeaky-clean, puppet asshole while fucking all four of his secretaries. On the right, we have dumbass wooden statue #2 -- he's exactly the same as #1. In between, we have the public advocate, independent party candidate that no one knows anything about, sits trapped underneath the overall apathy of a bourgeois, love-it-or-leave-it society and has about as much of a chance of succeeding at virtually anything as Richard Simmons does of launching a successful career in Hip Hop. Doesn't exactly leave me scrambling for the ballot boxes.
  3. I'll go with this episode: Homer is sent to Hell and, as punishment, is force-fed doughnuts for eternity. To the devil's surprise, he actually requests "more" and is then banished from Hell. Classic material.
  4. To me, a writer is a writer anywhere you go. Mentalities just evolve as a result of their surroundings. If somebody like Deck(NYC) had come up in LA and still gotten into graf, he'd probably be knocking out tons of overpasses and billboards instead of grates and corners. I think the same would be true if a head like GKAE had been from New York -- he'd be runnin' subway tunnels and catching fill-ins in every burrough.
  5. One of those lovely nights in L.A. when porn chicks are getting naked in public and posing for dirty graffiti guy's fliks. You lose some, and I guess you win some.
  6. "authorized graffiti area" http://a6.cpimg.com/image/E6/41/6660326-ec53-016B00FC-.jpg'>
  7. I emailed a bunch of fliks to a site once. It was fun, a few people said they liked the shit they saw, but I heard a lot of criticism too. Personally, I think the internet is far above the approaching-corporate level of magazines, given that it's free (at least to anyone with computer access) -- but at the same time it's much easier to exploit. These days I'd rather post or submit pictures of stuff that interests me than pimp my own corny shit.:spent:
  8. Ahhh ... I couldn't agree with you fellows any more. Truly a great film from a great director -- which also marked the breakthrough performance of Vincent D'onofrio ("Pyle"). I did a this portrait style piece a couple of halloweens ago, after Kubrick's death, as a tribute to one of my favorite films... (the face in place of the "e" is supposed to be D'onofrio's from the bathroom scene before he does himself in)
  9. I may be full of it, but I think that "Individualism" is responsible for the problem.
  10. Raels

    Mulholland Drive

    Check for me up in the cuts in early 80's "car wash" movies. I'm the rollerskating guy in the backgrounds "rocking" knee-high yellow tube socks w/a pink headband.
  11. By David Lynch & co. (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, etc...) One of the best movies I've seen in years. There's even a random Billy Ray Cyrus cameo for all you diehard "Achy Breaky" heads out there. See this one and get your psychoanalytical & symbolic swerve on. Here's a site for the official steez: http://www.mulhollanddrive.com/
  12. Taco, I took a roll of film on the BX 4 line -- lots of Spec BTC, other classic bombs, legal production walls etc... Turned out the roll was never exposed (camera trouble). I'm still kinda bitter so if you got any fliks from that line, hit me up, I'd be down to trade.
  13. Also, about colons: a semicolon is commonly used to join two related sentences together; "Colon Blow" is the laxative-like cereal Phil Hartman made popular with his humorous, yet informative SNL skit.
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