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  1. Paranoid: Very High Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: Very High Antisocial: High Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: Very High Narcissistic: Very High Avoidant: Moderate Dependent: Moderate Obsessive-Compulsive: High ....maybe I _am_ crazy. Woohoo wooh ooo wohoo!! Quack quack.
  2. Shakin fallen still not fakin this shit is real, the deal that fell through, niggas with guns in the next room, consume life with a lead pipe, bombs go boom, I loom in the dark, in the bushes at the park, next to where you park you car, follow you until you get far, swallowed in a forest waitin for this moment brain get more bent, reality is faced, a rush fat lip wallet and blood on my lace, you are still breathin, only by my grace, leavin only a trace of evidence, it's evident a crime sent heaven its newest member, maybe now he will remember, cause my eyes are a constant reminder, burning like a hot ember.
  3. Well, ummm.....ayo ayo Ayo, I know you like mayo, that's ok though, semen flow on your sandwich HOE! Don't go where you don't know who is around the corner ready to blow your head off and cough from the red mist out your head, I hit not missed now you are dead, bleeding red, I said I wouldn't kick your girl out of bed, but I lied and fucked your mom instead, I did it while eating a ham sadwich on white bread, with mustard bitch, I ditch the swimmers inside with pride, live swim, don't die, she cried, but I'm sorry I lied about my age, I'm not really 32, it's just a phaze I'm going through, so blue my balls are now, I'm not getting laid, cause your mom is sucking off the cow, next is the sow, oh well, enough for now.
  4. Who can write rhymes, I wanna see a show of skills....get to battlin.
  5. I'm going to a party that my little bro found out about. There is going to be high school chicks there, an opportune enviroment for scamming.
  6. My girlfriend did this to me about a week ago, and I think it is because of another dude. I could probably bust his skillz anyway, bah!
  7. If girls didn't have pussies between their legs they would have bounties on their heads. I'm a nice guy who has recently changed his view of "girls." Bitch ass rollerbladers doods are the only real girls. Females only act nice because they want something, they are emotional, moody, unpredictable, hard to please, wimpy. I like bold girls, the kind that shine, the one you just notice and there's something about her. I don't just say a good looking girl is the girl I want. The cool ones are better.
  8. Let's see...I like: Cocky bastards Cocky bitches Nice bitches Bikes Paints Computers Cars Cable Modems Good Friends Long Distance Friends Fiends Bums Dirty people Drunks Parties Yelling Silence Laughing <------definately Haters, because they make me feel better about myself Business Men (corporate types) Kisses Getting Head Johnson, or getting some skull, Agent Skully and I'm fox Mulder I hate: Fast food Cocky Bitches Smart ass remarks, when they aren't mine annoyances stress having to do laundry having to wake up in the morning having to listen to other people tell me what's responsible bitching hoes sluts....because they give it up so easily paranoia I really hate going to the movies TV sucks modern rock sucks ass..... obvious gays, because they are an eye sore to me little kids that think they are bad having to say goodbye Bye......
  9. Bar of soap on window screens works nicely. Slobbery Gummy Bears stuck to windows. Getting pinto beans out of the big barrel at your local super market and throwing them over the isles. Walk with your arms straight down but not touching your sides, and wiggle your hands by twisting your wrist back and forth...walk straight legged and stiff look around at the sky and acknowledge no one. Prank: add an "er" and a "oner" to every possible word you can think of. Then, only, will you truly be a homo. ErDerTer Oner...snicker
  10. Pornocchio Edward Penis Hands The Titanic Sesame Cuif --Ol' Dumb Ass Muther Fucker Oner
  11. Dirty_habiT


    My bike is better than yours.... Standard Trail Boss 20" Profile Crank Suzue Dragon Fly hubs Aray Super 7x rims Shimano DX pedals (the new ones) S&M Butler Bars .....and yes...I know how to do some shit!
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