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  1. http://jon.jbagroup.net/wtc/010911wtc_mmfront.jpg'> [This message has been edited by Dirty_habiT (edited 09-11-2001).]
  2. Seeking: one more thing, you are right, we don't need to bomb the fuck out of them and kill everyone, but you make it sound like if we do anything, we are just as wrong as them for doing what they did. ____Something_____has to be done, or else I am not going to sleep well. They can do it tomorrow again, then will it piss you off?
  3. God, I cannot believe how many of you are sitting around battling wits with eachother. Some fucked up shit happened, and all anyone wants to do is argue their point, and of course everyone has an opinion, and everyone elses is wrong. I know one thing is for sure, and that is I am not changing what I think. Call me ignorant, stubborn, whatever, but yall can sit here with your hands folded in your laps and critique the situation.
  4. Bitching back and forth here isn't going to get anything done about it, nor will it have any impact on what is done.
  5. maybe you aren't so american after all...you should join their side. Why don't you stick up for your self, or your country, try that...mkay.
  6. How do you suggest going about finding those involved? Those bastards are hiding. I don't think anyone in here said to kill everyone, but check this out: If they are over there having a good ol' time after doing what they did, does it make you wonder if they knew? They are making it look like they are celebrating the 4th of July with our innocent people. They did not go after those that caused them pain. How come it is ok for them to hurt the innocent in their plans for a better future. I think the only thing they accomplished today was destroying our trade centers. That, my friend, right there, is going to fuck us. Why don't we go fuck up something that is important to them....not their civilians, some kinda important something like they did to us. 2 wrongs never make a right, but we can't stand here with patriotic stars in our eyes and our dicks in the dirt. There is no doubt in my mind that we will all be somehow contented with the outcome. For something good to come, something else has got to go.
  7. I feel like the USA is at a major loss right now. It even seems kinda efortless what they did to cause such pain. This was a premeditated attack, whoever did this, did it with the idea in mind to make it hurt. Doesn't that justify punishment? Don't they deserve something for their actions? People are dead, money is lost, confusion is rampant. Did we deserve this? Whatever it is that you think we did to deserve this was no more a part of progressing our country as it is any country. We have to do what is necessary to survive, and that doesn't include getting blown the fuck out of the water and sitting here saying we deserved it. I am pretty mad about getting fucked by the towel heads this time. I just hope that Mr. Bush makes some wise decisions, this is his time to shine. Thanks fuckers.
  8. You act like skaters and bikers don't have leg muscle, get your head out of your ass muscle. Yall booters aren't as heterosexual as yall think.
  9. What do you predict will happen tomorrow, as far as our (USA) decisions on what to do is concerned?
  10. it takes me no time, me and my girl rip eachothers clothes off in 30 seconds flat after running into eachother at the parties.
  11. Your name [secret] just makes me think of naughty sex, that your bf would be mad about. I won't tell. I love you and care about you.
  12. Awesome, my friend, simply awesome. Don't you love when you get the last laugh. It's like you almost had the short end of the deal because you didn't finish, but you did finish, and she didn't know. Sounds like she ended up with the short end of the deal....with semen spilled, hahahaha.
  13. We both said it at the exact same second, *weird*....I love you more than he does though.
  14. Why are you feeling this way again? I love you...
  15. Funny thing, when I used to live in Austin, I would caption my throw ups with a nice little, "Chop down trees." Just for shits and giggles, cause I know that some hippies would see it and hear glass breaking in their head. I'm so easy to amuse.
  16. Don't let any fruit booters like FleshTech hear you say that....he'll punch you in your throat, no questions asked.
  17. There is a lot of smart fuckers in here, isn't there?
  18. This is way funny, bump...
  19. you are still a rollerblader....no love...
  20. I quit, it was one of the best things I have done. It's hard at first but you can do it, and you will feel alot better when you do. I smoked for about 6 years, which is plenty long enough to know the damn deal about being addicted. Doing things for yourself always feels good. Like accomplishing things....ya know?
  21. Say dude, don't act like you can just chunk your bike if your gonna crash. I've seen it all, people land on their bike, tangle in their bikes, there really is alot of parts that can fuck you up when you crash. Like a pedal with pins in your shin or a stem to the knees. I always see these fruitbooters with shit all over their asses, because they just bail on everything and slide on their asses, like it is somekinda park with swings and shit. I was at the x-trials this year,I happened to hang out with the cool bike riding pros and skaters. The pro rollerbladers where next to where we were, and this is the truth--they were just as gay as the ones that sucked, just all grown up. They were dancing around and hitting eachother. I'm sorry you guys get no love....
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