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  1. I like girls that smell like me....cause we just got done doing it...*snicker*
  2. what does the volcano thing do? I tried it and it just said volcano on my screen....
  3. Maybe it's not the act that is wrong, it is his technique?
  4. Dirty gossip damnit! Don't ask, mind your own.
  5. I know where you live.....hippy. [This message has been edited by Dirty_habiT (edited 09-18-2001).]
  6. ...one time this Beautiful lass in a milk woman's uniform rang my door bell. To my immediate benefit, I found that she had my favorite thing in a bottle (malt liquor), no, MILK. So I was pleased, and she was eager to come, when I invited her in. Her name was Kendra Love. She, later, while sitting at my wet bar, went on to tell me about her other jobs: Mailwoman, UPS Girl, throwing early morning editions out of the basket on her girl's beach cruiser to unthankful bastards in morning robes. Kendra thought that the people that get their package, or morning paper weren't appreciative of her services, which they so heavily relied upon to start their day, or corrolate with their loved ones by way of gifts sent in the mail. That's why she had hopped from job to job so many times. "When do I get thanked," Kendra sobbed. That's when I came out of her hard, beautiful, heroic, and noble story about her tedious jobs as a "customer service" worker. "You are so awesome, I love milk. Boyee, am I lucky to have such a beautiful girl, such as yourself, who has really gotten a good point of view on appreciating the little things to deliver, little old, me some milk. Thank you..." She cried on my shoulder, but the rest is dirty gossip...
  7. You know that **** guy in Austin. I was just talking to my A-Town homie on the phone, and he said that you painted with him and Mask when you went to Austin. He was the **** guy. Small world....
  8. We should fill your girlfriends hole with anthrax and let her lose on you.
  9. How do you think the men in Canada and Alaska stay warm all winter....cause they got some hot bitches inside the cozy hizouse. Right on brother. I second the sex in the winter thing.
  10. Awesome. Sounds like a spectator sport...*rubs hands evily*
  11. Oh my god, that is great, I laughed out loud. Har har har.
  12. That was so awesome, I feel......better!
  13. what the hell is a squash pro? Also Devilush, the hugging your boyfriend thing after a hard day is good, boyfriends like to hug girlfriends that have had a hard day.....I think.
  14. Mind your own....asswipe.....
  15. I look forward to being an old man some day. Then, _I_ can sit around and have people take care of me.
  16. Dude, I've seen so many 'complete' computers go to shit after a little while. They come 'preloaded' with all this shitty software that you don't need, and it ends up killing your PC. There are such things as fucked up ass problems where you can't fix them, and they prevent your computer from operating. My best advice, and even this isn't that good: When buying a computer, shop around, and know the components, buy them seperately. PUT THE THING TOGETHER YOUR DAMN SELF. Buy a book that tells how if you don't know. It's not that hard, and it will save you heart aches like this in the future.
  17. Oh, but I am, and I come from a religion where I can have up to 7 wives. Right now I have 4, and 2 are in other states....care to join?
  18. nice, I like the red devil guy on the "Past" and "Besk" piece.
  19. Don't pee into the wind. If you are downloading at negative k/sec then you are losing data. A poorman's patent: I think if you send something (ie. an original document/drawing/whatever) to yourself in the mail, and don't open it, then it is your intelectual property. Or something like that, people can't say it's theirs if it's postmarked and addressed to you.
  20. nice.... I like the emcees one, and the girls one. hahahaha
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