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  1. Insurrection is like saying qanon. Let's not be tards and chuck around this term that only people suffering from stage four liberalism press upon others. Trump said don't go to the capital. look into ray epps if you want to learn what happened..... or you know. Just listen to kid fucker cnn.
  2. Someone needs to swap a Honda b16 into one and make it front wheel drive. Then show up at the Tesla meets.
  3. I don't think it's trendy to rip on teslas. Most of the population thinks they're rad. I think it's trendy to jock teslas and Elon. Elon is just the same as Vic Chaos in the new South Park.
  4. I still want to see the difference in total power consumed to put 1kw of power through the rear wheels of a Tesla vs doing it with a gas or diesel motor.
  5. Well I mean..... Alex Jones has been right about some things, but not everything..... just like anyone else. One big difference, I've noticed, between conservatives and lefties is that ***most conservatives worship no man. It is projection by the leftists to think that others would care so much about another (famous) person and what they have to say. Some people are obviously authorities and worth listening to but their word is **still not gospel. This includes Alex Jones..... so just because he said something that I think is wrong doesn't mean that anyone has some huge "gotcha" on conservatives as a result. Remember "leave britney alone"? Super leftist. Y'all riff on Britney, Trump, Beyonce, Adam Schiff, or whoever you want..... and it won't change the color on my TV. I'm just saying this so that maybe in the future people here will be less likely to assign some unforeseen emotional attachment between another forum member and some rando celeb. Personally I don't give a rats ass about any celeb at all.... including musicians, actors, screen writers, and especially movie producers. They're some of the stupidest people with the biggest mouths I've ever had the "pleasure" of hearing say stuff about subjects they're far from experts on. Alex Jones is just a dude. QAnon is still a dumb word to say. I've got a request for anyone coining the term "qanon". In your own words, describe who "qanon" is. Not an open book quiz.... just provide YOUR thoughts on it.
  6. Consultation fees being higher for PITA clients would be easy to get away with.
  7. If you want to argue about that (anyone) go learn some shit about software development so you can be prepared for the discussion.
  8. I said that when the idea was first proposed. Not everything can be automated. Driving is one of those things. You wouldn't put your dick in an automatic circumcision machine that was designed and programmed by dude's w/ tiny dicks would you? It'd chop your shit off and they'd be like "whoooooppppsssss we have a little bug that we're going to fix." People that think self driving is a good thing are idiots. They should start out on self driving razor scooters and see how that pans out first.
  9. My brother said that there are likely laws against doing difference in prices via QR code (or any other similar method). Basically you could make something but you'd have to be extremely good with the programming of it so that people wouldn't catch on to what is happening. A hacker type mindset would pinpoint this rather quickly I think.
  10. do you want a hand with setting that up?
  11. Dirty_habiT


    This is one of the most stupidest fucking things I've ever seen. Once a jacket has been shot it's supposed to be replaced. It's a good thing nobody trusted it to save their life. Dont buy this kind of shit from Amazon or China unless you just don't care if it actually works or not. oh it's a "name brand" being sold on Amazon? Read up on knock off walboro fuel pumps. China been scraping off that r&d for decades now. They are made with inferior process, materials, and parts. I know of a turbo manufacturer here in the states that sells probably the best custom turbochargers (stock or upgrade turbine attached to a larger compressor wheel). They have their housings cast in China with a flaw in them that gets machines out when they arrive in the USA shop. This prevents their design from being easily stolen by people incapable of doing research.
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