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The Former

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  1. Shore, Scam Punks, Freight Bandit
  2. HBAK, Old Crow, Lunch, Ghouls, Crob, Evoke...
  3. Diet Vault Rade Clear Grey- that's a classic! Joce Dark, Coupe
  4. ...will miss seeing his trains. R.I.P.
  5. The Former


    never heard of Bookman. this thread should be called TBOX!
  6. Bookman, Sacer, Crime -been seeing him up hopping.
  7. Coaltrain Kaput Remio Coupe Dark Hybrid Jenos Hymn2
  8. bump the fuck out of that derailed Jenos and Crob! That Relax is priceless. Dark wholecar.
  9. I had to look at that first flick again... is the grass there really that green this time of year? Neon Bible sucks; read A Confederacy of Dunces.
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