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john doe

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  1. hey if OH IM SORRY is looking at this thread, i would like to talk to you. respond to this post. :rolleyes:
  2. man yeah sigh does bite everyone else, he paints fr8's, does outlines, oh yeah and fills too, such a bitter. he even goes so far as to tag a “burner” when he is finished. what has happened to graff?
  3. nice post, email me asshole!
  4. john doe

    Spotted 54

    yors/snuze times 2, ns box hence, ns chip car on my travels.
  5. sorry i curse so much, i got to keep up with my internet persona.
  6. god this thread has gone to far, i thought all the shit talking was resolved,then i come on here and there is another whole page, whatever, i hate talking shit, but i am tierd of people hidding behind screen names when you talk shit, i you yer gonna talk it back it up motherfuckers. whatever, so what if no one knows who i am in the big ole graffiti world, if that is why you are painting then i feel really bad for you. i paint cause it's fun and it is a realease, and it is a way to hang out with other heads. so fuck you and your fame seeking army of assholes. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you!:cool:
  7. yeah fuckhead, i am the first one that said evades needs to quit talking shit, so don't pull yors into it, he never even said shit. so quit talking shit and lets find out who you are bigboy. love vets.nsm
  8. waiting for an email reply:rolleyes:
  9. i don't know why i even waste my time on here.
  10. by the way, maybe you need to spend two months learning how to do a good throwup, if this is who i think it is, grow up kid, oh yeah and me a rich kid, please!:rolleyes:
  11. dude why are you bittchin on everyone. who gives a shit if jat post his own flicks on 12oz. when other “big writers” post there own shit i don't see you bittchin. you and your attitude can fuck off. plus acuses style never has and still does not look anything like scar's style. please man, stop.:cool:
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