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  1. http://www.banditbackups.com/wtf.jpg GO HERE....YOU CAN SEE IT FIRST HAND> ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  2. I hear you on that one, but still, afghanistan is only 500 miles from eachother, and trust me if stuff starts there, we will be involved...but thanks for the feedback and the opinion, i like talks like this...
  3. Ive been doin somethinking...and heres what i have come up with..just incase anyone wants anymore points to be made, and i know this is an old topic for this week, but please bear with me...ok, lets suppose we do decide to bomb afghanistan? The countries in this region are already fighting, this will just fuel the fire. These countries have missle technology that allows them to fire their nuclear missles...remember china selling the missles and technology to them?? I do. IF these countries get to the point of nuclear attack, they will use them....these are countries that have been pushed around, not only by our country, but others, such as england (whom if you didnt know, drew up the map that makes each of these middle eastern countries, churchill did this after world war II to give a place for the jews to live. (israel)...this pact made it so england and america would back them forever. We gave them weapons and such, so that they are powerful enough to defend themselfs. This is why no one is really fighting with them, they have us backing them. Remember when ussr spent all their money on fighting the afghani people?? Yeah, well where are they now?? Thats right they are no longer a super power guys...)~~we have pushed around these counties goverments and such, and they are pissed off....the attack on us was not on our people, it was on our economy!! Think about it, the only things hit, were things of economical value to the united states....IF these countries start fighting over there, we are fucked. They have alot of oil that our country needs, they can hold that oil, and if it gets contaminated, our economy goes from what it is now, to what it was during the depression or worse...but the only problem is that bush, our president is pushing for war, why? Because it will help us economically, since history began, war is what keeps economy going. So basically, we are a pretty fucked nation, and what we do in the next couple of weeks will decide our fate, and i have a feeling we will be having it pretty hard pretty soon....thanks for listening, let me know what you think..peace. ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  4. Did you guys notice that it was nine one one...as in the date...it was a wierd and scary day yesterday..and it was my bestfriends birthday and i had my three year anniversary with my girl....i had a feelin the day was going to be so awesome, and i was all happy to wake up....until my boy woke me up to tell me the news...there was no one on the road in dc..it was just quiet....it was a wierd quiet. No cars really flying around or people talking...eveyone was inside...i seriously could have gotten busy on 95 without anyone coming by for about 8 min...it was insane..
  5. werd i was sleepin when my boys woke me up and told me what had happened. Luckily my pops wasnt in his office...or the day would have been that much worse...
  6. nice.. ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  7. i got in by masturbating with the most times in one day, just send in the video...thats what i did.. ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  8. oooh werd, nice post. REUP!! i love that kids style...always interesting..a nemtion a ke40 brings back memories....nuts. Ke40...what ever happened to AMOS??....anyone know..? ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  9. Yo, that thumb looks familiar, maybe cause its my boys and i was there when it was taken...quit stealin flix from his site...grrr... ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  10. Dear Penis, I dont think i like you anymore, you used to watch me shave, and now all you do is stare at the floor, oooh, dear penis, i dont think i like you anymore, it used to be you and me, a paper towel and box of dirty magazines. Thats all we needed to get by, now it seem things have changed and i think that your the one to blame, oh penis i dont think i like you any more....so he said.. Dear rodney, i dont think i like you anymore. Cause when you get to drinking you put me places i have never been before, dear rodney i dont think i like you anymore, why cant we get a grip on our man to hand relationship. Come to terms with truly how we feel, if we put our heads togeather, we could just stay home forever, so i said... Dear penis, i think i like you after all, and said... And rodney while your shaving, shave my balls.... ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  11. This one time me and my girl had just gotten done with goin at eachother and im laying down after it right onto her chest, my hips are between her legs and what not, and all of a sudden i hear a PHHHHRRRRRRRRRT! Really loud, like echoed. I just look at her, and shes like what the fuck was that? And i was like what the fuck are you asking me for?? Your the one who did it...! She didnt even know that she queefed...it was damn funny, i explained it to her and she was totally clueless...good innocent stuff...she hasnt done it since, and that was 3 years ago, so thats cool.. ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  12. me: Have you ever seen that show about the donkey? friend:huh, what the hell? me:yeah where they do stoopid shit on mtv friend http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//redface.gif'>hh, you mean jackass? Me:Yeaah, i couldnt think of the name. Friend http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//redface.gif'>k, ive seen it. Me:blah(puking on the ground) Friend: ha ha, ive never seen that episode!! me: fuck, i was just gonna go jump in the bushes.. friend:"i cant get a hit off this batty bro.." "hee hee, your so trashed fucker, your hittin is backwards..." "no no, im gettin something now.." "fucker, you already inhaled all the weed..fuuck.." "Hold up let me light it" "dammit your stupid.." ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  13. thats why i play with girls over the age of 12...hee.. ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds.. [This message has been edited by shameless self promotion (edited 04-30-2001).]
  14. damn, i stabbed my friend with a toothbrush a week ago for wakin me up early...wierd.. ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  15. just alittle beef... ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  16. Me: (filling up a natty light can with gas from lighter)..this will be sooo cool, watch this shit, hey watch this. Girls in room: okay, dont burn anything though My boy: hahahahah.. Me: (lights the can, and instantly blue flame flares out the top and onto my thumb, igniting it and my arm hair) HOLY SHIT! Girls: OH MY GOD! My boy: hahahahahahah.. Me: (rubbing my burnt thumb and arm.) Whoa fuck, that turned you on huh, want me to do it agian? Girls: LEAVE!! My boy: hahahhaa... Me: shit... Then... Me: (at waffle house with 5 other drunk guys..) shit, didnt i just eat that...? Waitress: Yes, but you just threw up. Me: oh...ok, well i dont have to pay for it twice then huh? Waitress: Leave... ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  17. whats better than winning an event at the special olympics????? -not being retarded... ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  18. yeah, i wish i wasnt so caucasion...oh well, too dee looo as us white folk would say.. ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  19. Im drinkin maybe 3-4 days a week, usually thurs-sun or mon..and the funniest thing i have ever seen or heard said was my boy scott who drank his gold fish one night... "Shit, you guys really put the fish in there?" ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  20. yo, watch the up in smoke tour dvd/video....they have someone come out on stage, i forget who it is, but he does the crip walk with ice cube, its supa tight, ive learned it just from puttin it on slow motion and watching the moves... ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  21. Gangstarr, above the clouds...yeah.. ------------------ Above the clouds, Above the clouds..
  22. what the fuck, 31 flavas? ------------------ Tell your barber that your sick of looking like an asshole. CUT THE MULLET.
  23. http://www.deeptongue.com/olgamusic43.jpg'> Stare at this...youll stop really fast.. ------------------ Tell your barber that your sick of looking like an asshole. CUT THE MULLET. [This message has been edited by shameless self promotion (edited 04-04-2001).]
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