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  1. Hum...i just woke up...i went to bed at seven in the morning today, drunk as fuck and guess what i still am..i would like to just dedicate this thread to the best beverage for any occasion..Natural Light, sorry the flick is fucked up, i was really drunk, and the picture prolly dicktates what i was seeing..blurry ass images. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/devo_0015.jpg'> Natty drinkers unite.
  2. I hear you on what your saying ese....the older you get the more realize that the "cool" shit that you used to do or wear was just simply the oposite in many times. I often find myself on the bus watching others, and noting many of the moves they make....its like were constantly reasuring ourselfs that we werent that dumb about shit back in the day...
  3. Truster, get ahold of ryme or hush, they know me, im not all about posting much info here, i talk to those two cats on aim all the time, just mention the flick and theyll know who..
  4. "You're like a wizard in possession of an elixir that will bestow disciplined enthusiasm on whoever drinks it." hahahahahhahahahahahahahha...jeeebus..im throwing a kegger this weekend too?!?! who knew this stuff accually works..
  5. :heated: sorry, you lost me after christ, you fuckers... its all in good fun..
  6. More shameless self promotion!!! I throw down the shocka like whaaa? http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/Adam1.jpg'> HA..im a retard..
  7. aparently seeking has hit menopause...sorry buddy..
  8. passed out after yakin strait up like whaaaaa' http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/thursday_0010.jpg'>
  9. here i thought that you would like this truster, im not sure if you got this but for the oh heads who know.... http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/thursday_0069.jpg'> damn old ruse/hazard sticker..
  10. get her ME! With this bonus package you will recieve: One true pimp. One pack magnum condoms. One marvin gaye cd, 85 min in length. One pack date rape drugs...and more!! Only 29.93 plus tax! http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/Adam1.jpg'> shameless self promotion..
  11. joggin from cops makes ya all hyper, at least for me.
  12. Lets include alcohol, because it is a drug at least my opinion, i lost a good friend a few years ago to a drunk driver.....dont drive drunk guys..
  13. http://www.geocities.com/crazybgsu/Adam1.jpg'> I love it when im drunk and people take pictures of me at parties....its soooo much fun!!! So now you have a face...Have fun officers.. alright if it doesnt work, i guess click here? arrrrgh, im drunk
  14. hey fucko, i just got done with surgery on my knee, and im stuck in a fucking wheel chair...think about how it feels to be in one of them damn things...trust me it sucks. I cannot wait until my leg gets better, kids all over campus are pricks, they walk in your way and stand there like you can get by with like three inches behind them, sometimes you just wanna pull out a pencil and stab em with that shit...not to mention it sucks sittin infront of a lecture hall of like 300 people in one of those damn things...trust me bro, lifes too short to get stressed out about stupid shit....and if you still wanna stress, go get yourself a wheelchair and see how nice people are to you..
  15. AWWWW...even with a cute name like mr. dibbs...??? :o
  16. Just a quick fact for you all..did you guys know, if you have had sex with 12 girls, and they had sex with almost or at least that many....you were exposed to all kinds of shit 4095 times...no joke...its true..think about it before you *dive* into things...
  17. someone better shut that cunts mouth before i fuck start his/her head! somone busts on ya and just shake your fist and em and say, arg! youve won this battle. Ill be back..and act like a super villain...it kirks people out...
  18. "How the fuck did you guys get a university golf cart into our dorm room?" "i have a girlfriend?" "Look im a tyranusaurus rex, ROOOOAAR!" "damn this cigarette tastes like shit!" "thats cause your smoking it backwards yo.." "oh.." "Oh shit, a rail workers coming, run.." we run like shit into the woods.. "you fucker, thats chris!" "oh..well can you get me outta this bush then" "im not taking you anywhere drunk agian" "fuck you im not drunk...hey wered my paint go?" "its in your bookbag." "oh, i forgot i brought it....."
  19. Me to this angry girl at the party im at... "ooh look at me im so fat and angry!" angry drunk girl to me: "Fuck you, asshole...adam?!" (adams her boyfriend) me.. "ha..oh shit, its on..?!" her big ass boyfriend comes up and is like: "You fucking with my girl?" me.. "fuck no man, im not into that whole large woman fad" him.. *punch* me.. "ouch fucker, you made me drop my beer" that was a great night, and it made the 3rd time my nose has be broken... "here microwave this ravioli for me, im starving" "ok" I throw it over my shoulder and it splatters onto the wall.. "that was open dick head!" "oh..."
  20. DR. LOVE saves the day.. :king: You said your how old bro? 17-18? You have alot of time left in your life man, theres no thing that says your gonna meet a girl at 18 and instantly know you wanna marry her. Your a young buck, and i am too for that matter, i hope...and i think that you should just let her go...i thought i was so in love at the age 17....i have never been so WRONG in my life...i pretty much just chilled with other girls after that, goin from one to another, as differences pulled us apart. Then i met this girl i knew way back in the day, and bam weve been togeather for three years..and its been great. Like nothing even close to what i experienced with any other floozie.....my thoughts are, THERE ARE MANY FISH IN THE SEA...if ones not right, throw her back, and by what i have read, shes not right bro, at least not now. Tell her you want to be friends, persue other things...get some alone time..listen to some music, sketch, book, just chill, and life my friend will go as it is planned...ok, im out like a fat bitch in dodgeball...good luck!
  21. since i have been laid up with my knee all fucked my dog has taken it upon himself to destroy everything, including my pillow, and he ate 5 cupcakes that i spent forever making, which by the way were delicious, and then yaked them up on the carpet...and also taken a whole roll of toliet paper and shredded it everywhere...damn dog...not to mention it runs as fast as it can and head buts the wall...
  22. yo guys check this shit out!!! Its nuts!!! just dl the movie at the site.. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=33641
  23. i donno if these were all mentioned.... way of the gun....great movie.. Slapshot...even better.. Kids....the best...i hope someone put this down if not, shame on your dumb ass..
  24. Last weekend i blew out my knee playin some hockey, and now my broken ass is wobblin around on some stupid ass crutches, and it looks like 3-4 weeks before i can even start to rehab or even walk around...i guess im gonna be doin alot of beatin off, blackbooking and benchin...not necessarily in that order...but life as i have known has stopped...any other ideas to keep my days interesting?? I think im gona have to get flix of my ass on crutches bombing..now that would be some funny shit...
  25. what they didnt tell you is that he drank the rest of the fruit drink after they pulled the wiener out..haha.:o
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