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  1. the rat is rate, and the last flick is fanta not foe. good flicks.
  2. originally posted by deem there ya go, now suck your own dick and kill yourself.its funny how you avoided my comment and tryed to flip it on me though.thanks for your concern in the matter. so there you have it, someone who paints with them trying to justify "their" styles, by saying the same styles were rocked by many, even before ces. lol@yous.
  3. i remember one of these pfe guys saying "our style is a bronx style". (or something to that effect, not exactly sure on the quote). well if its a bronx style, and your from jersey, wouldnt that be a self admitted bite? i think so.
  4. Alright, i cant really take credit for these, but i wann keep this thread going, its the only thread with anything decent on it, so heres some old magazine scans (courtesy of Skills,On the Go, and maybe one or two more.) i managed to find a DC fill ona REAS train, pretty fuckin dope if you ask me. http://freephoto-i.net/users/longisle/collage3.jpg'>
  5. this thread is so fucking dope, anyone got any aut uo? (i think thats it) he still has mad A's running
  6. i havent seen my blackbook since september, shit, now that i think about it, maybe i should get it back.heres some old hits: http://freephoto-i.net/users/longisle/Neks_blackbook-2.jpg'> http://freephoto-i.net/users/longisle/Celf_blackbook-1.jpg'> http://freephoto-i.net/users/longisle/Neks_blackbook-1.jpg'> ill post more as soon as i get a chance to.
  7. lol @ fx crew, all the biters getting exposed in here
  8. mugshot, you got a wise mouth on you, talking about jacking people, why dont you leave your name? and you just better hope celf doesnt bring me along to "your" yard, cause i will personally fuck that place up for everyone, engines, polls, walls, whatevers there for me to shit on. leave your name if you wanna talk tough.
  9. write graffiti while on drugs best of both worlds.
  10. props to anyone fucking up the fr8 scene. fr8s are weak, if all you do is fr8s you deserved to be ragged forever and castrated.
  11. are you kidding with that comment? beef has and always will be, a part of graffiti, where have you been?
  12. sleepandream..... i agree with you, but theres only one way to fix the problem. "only the stong survive" think about it, all we have to do is rag everyone that you dont like, thats what im gonna start doing, for real, im gonna start destroying engines and ragging every frieght piece i see (well not every, but the majority of these trendy 12oz homo writers) just to show them that its not gonna last forever, get over it, these kids are such pussies it isnt even funny, half of them cant even handle doing a throw-up, they have this "elite mentality of painting artwork on fr8s and preserving the movement as long as we can" cant wait for fr8s to be gone and if i can help bring the downfall of fr8s i will by all means necessary. a big fuck you to all offended by this.
  13. NeksOne-alphatects


    whoever says painting engines is "wrong" or "disrespectful" is a straight up pussy.
  14. lololol were you honestly trying to scare someone with this? whatever, it was a good laugh.
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