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  1. fucking love these trains http://www.domesticsclothing.com/fumes/fr8s/0347_sk_gond.jpg'> http://www.domesticsclothing.com/fumes/fr8s/6yKF_eye_sk_2.jpg'>
  2. Re: Solid writters Do Concrete Graffiti, the only motion is in the letters and colors please show credentials. your points and lectures and boring bullshit means nothing without credibility behind your statements. if you can't provide any, fuck off until further notice or hit the brickslayers for the concrete.
  3. god damn i need to get a roadtrip together...
  4. the reverend paul bearer esquire is the BUSINESS I, SPOILER THREE YEAR BITCH ASHES, ASHES ROSES this could easily be some of the best music on the planet
  5. the nace that pairs with that chip7 is mega nice
  6. that waffle ridgie got handled...
  7. not a half bad stamp job for me big up main2 and buter
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