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  1. this ones for you bl4ckh 4m http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4888/ACFEB7.jpg'>
  2. bumb for the topless jello shot godess....
  3. well shit....i wish i thought of velcro
  4. scallawag...wheres the millenasia(sp)....eh ehhhhhhhhhhh?!
  5. when people leave the kitchen cabinet doors open when right as someone comes to visit you at work theres a rush and you don't really get to say hi when my dog eats his little dog crackers in my bed when i'm trying to drive and no matter where i put the sun visor thing, the sun is right in my eye walking into the bathroom in my socks and stepping into water
  6. that did manage to kill some time...and besides, i think the bees like me
  7. i would like to make a pair of pants that (like those musical cards) when the zipper comes down it plays a little tune....like ride of the valkaries....or something
  8. "deliveries free..but not from me..i charge a dollar fifty..... and my soy sauce is for you..you chan stick it in your choo ............want my buffet? your fuckin gay" hahahaha...i wish i had a sharpie tattoo as bling blangin as theirs
  9. i love the pillow fights in our underware i love the way he looks at me in the mornings i love his surprise visits i love his comfort i love the way he kisses the top of my forehead i love going out to eat late night after painting i love that he is with me i love our walks down the tracks on cool evenings i love his silly anticks i love how he puts up with mine i love the plant he got for me w/ the little red chilies on it i love the way his shirts fit me when i steal them to sleep in i love when he takes my cans and gets all giggly about it when i catch him and slips me a new one when i'm not looking i love how he scrapes the paint off my nails the next morning ..i love how he makes me late for work because i got caught up tpying this...habnabbit...:D
  10. shyster

    The 80's

    leg warmers and hyper-color
  11. hahahaaa...shite...good ol' american humor
  12. god bless drunk chicks w/ cameras....
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