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    ALL WORK TAKEN FROM: http://www.jerseyjoeart.com/Pages/store.html http://www.jerseyjoeart.com
  2. ALL WORK TAKEN FROM: http://www.jerseyjoeart.com/Pages/store.html http://www.jerseyjoeart.com
  3. ----------------------------- The graffiti scene is no different than a bargain beachfront resort. A section of beach is reserved for the patrons of the resort. Some of the beach goers decide to catch tans, while others, if there up to it the take a dip in the water. In the water most are cautious to stay within sight of the Life Guard, and within hearing of the guards whistle. This is where most of you stay... Some folks disregard the arbitrary area, and decide to head out further... out of the sight and influence of the lifeguards at the resort. Those who swim off like this get a chance to see new things and new areas. Eventhough, those who take that risk of swimming out to far, can grow tired, their arms may rubber up, and they drown. I see Bates as the kinda writer that has really grown to love the resort area.. His love for it is evident in his style, but what is also evident is that side of him that likes to swim off out of sight. Bates is a swimmer... a strong one at that... He is curious enough to swim off but smart enough to return to shallow water before drowning. So what am I saying with this fucked uo analogy? ... Some people like to stay traditional, or within the trend, some like to disregard traditions and trends and get lost stylistically and drown... and others are dippers... they dip in and out in such a fashion that the routine does not tire them out... like a sewing needle and thread....But thats another story Word
  4. This is the only reason I ever made a 12oz name... So to all out there all that I can add to what has already been said is -fuck it- We should all go out there and do the best at whatever we do.. No matter what your into... Can't say I'm a fan of excess, but as you know we are all on the clock.. I plan to keep John's legacy alive and I hope all that have taken influence from Nace will do the same Fads come and go, good influences never change -
  5. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/done2death/nnace-1.JPG'> Rest in Peace-
  6. Dwel- wholecar on boxcar Daks- "the midas touch" Aroe- throwup on the doors Mber/ Esher 3d style- rbox Cosoe- end 2 end BN Sk/?/?/Here- CN rusted flat Blak/June/Sk/Xide- CR flat
  7. Bloomfield 98- Elizabeth 98- 2000 caught 3/02 Rest in Peace
  8. RIP for Nace Things are just not the same without him around. the standstill
  9. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/done2death/dgbbook.JPG'> DG * NWC- http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/done2death/dgbbook-2.JPG'> Kern 2 *MMW-
  10. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/done2death/nn3.JPG'> rt78 99- http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/done2death/nn4.JPG'> Nace -as- Pint rt78
  11. All flicked- 2/02 http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/done2death/nn1.JPG'> Unfinished. NJTransit line Union 99- http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/done2death/nn2.JPG'> offramp off of rt78. 2000-
  12. 6 inches from getting mine- Last night I was driving on Route 1&9 North.. Wasn't really thinking of much, all tired after work. I was driving north in the express lane nearing the beginning of the Pulaski Skyway As I'm driving I look to my right and notice a bad accident off to the side of the local lanes. I looked a little too long. As i look foward to the road I, at a split second jam my wheel left. A taxi cab was pulled over halfway in my lane and half on a curb divider. I'm doing about 75 which is common for this highway... I steer left just 6 inches from clipping the taxi... the turn was too quick and sharp at the speed I was going... I lost control of the car, my car began to peel and did a 360 over the divider. I land on the Local North traffic facing on coming traffic. Two cars just miss me and im shocked I was afraid to get out of the car, cars kept wizzing by and im crashed and stretched across thier lanes I was wearing my seatbelt and just got banged up a bit. I got out of the car and a bunch of police officers are yelling at me to try to get my car off the road before I cause another accident. I couldn't believe that my car could still drive. I pulled off to the side and got my shit together, eventually I drove my ragged wobble wheeled car along the truck route home... I just missed it. After that... wow , it's a thin line when driving. All I can say is young guys like us need to be a bit more cautious when driving.. We have all this energy and can be so impatient when we have places to go and things to do... Take it easy RIP John
  13. Everything seems deserted out here... I go exploring areas alone, and in a way it all seems empty.I was up 8am around Newark today exploring trainlines interconnecting with highway underpasses... I stumbled across some tiny Nace and chip simples in an open lot off the highway..I went in and took flicks and saw more simples further down.. I started to follow the trail of highways filled with about 15 or so Nace simples that lead up to 78. I had been wanting to check that highway for a while... never really been there before..I seen and flicked a lot of shit.
  14. Summer 96- Me and Nace go to paint freights in the day at one of his freight spots... For those who know it's the one with the water filled ditch lining the side of the Amtrak line- So we head in and he picks out his freight and begins to paint an Erie piece for his brother. I kinda wanted to be different that day and spotted one of those round black oiler fr8's. It was the last in a line ending right where he was painting. So I decide that it would be a change of pace to paint the front of the oiler rather that the usual side. I notice there is a nice platform to stand on and climb up and begin to scetch and fill in my shit- I was wearing some real reject sneakers at the time..these ones had a habit of talking.. the soles tended to flop out at times.... So anyway, I finish filling in and decide to take a jump down to see what it all looks like. I take the jump down... all but my right leg follows. My cheap ass sneaks got wedged into the little metal holes on the platform. I fall straight down and that little bone (the one on the side of your ankle by the foot) slams hard as shit on the rail! I'm all dazes out, a bit shocked... all raggedy laying over the track. It took Nace a good minute to turn my way and notice I'm all decked out on the floor. He quickly gets down too, kneeling and all pet cause he thinks I'm hiding from something. I'm like "naah man, I just fell down". He asks me if I'm alright and I'm just like "yeah man, just give me a minute... He goes back to painting and after a couple minutes of hugging the rocks, I make a crippled attempt to stand on my feet. I manage myself up supported by the side of the freight. As soon as i let go of the fr8 I shoot straight down on my ass. The pain started to hit. I felt faint, light headed and ready for a nap. I tried to get up again but shit kept getting worse. My ankle started to puff out like a balloon. John glances over again and see's me resting in front of this tanker using the rails as a pillow and a leg support. I'm all moaning and shit and He's like " dude, you can't be doing this!" I'm trying to tell him to just let me lay. He seen I was real fucked up, a little pissed that he didn't finish yet, he packs up our shit and manages me to my feet. He tries to walk with me with the shoulder routine.. but the pain was too much. I tell him that I am going to faint. John goes and ditches the paint- The illest shit goes down after that. He gets me up across his back like a little kid and starts to give me a piggy back ride!! We all know he was a big guy, strong cause he twisted all those pipes and shit. This guy carries me through the freight yard down and hurdled over the water ditch, carefully over the six track NJtransit/Amtrak line and down another hill through an overgrown wooded path to his car. The whole time I'm telling him how I'm gonna passout and shit.. He's like "jus hang on another minute dude!" He gets me some water to drink and takes me to my house. We tell my mom that we were rock climbling near the beach and I fell. Didn't go to the hospital cause of no coverage.. hoped it wasm't broken and just kept some ice on it and wrapped it tight for the weeks to follow- Thanks for the ride John! P.S. Of course we all know that he went back and finished his shit and did another! Naceo RIP-
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