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  1. if i painted 100 freights... i think i would be able to do somethin better than that no? everything sucks except for that sneaky zephyr
  2. someone should email this page to rebel i know for a fact he would love it, but he prob seen most of these flix already tho... Sento is too ill... been lovin it... good flix yo
  3. damn tunnel ***************** ComikOne [This message has been edited by Question Mark (edited 09-11-2001).] [This message has been edited by Question Mark (edited 09-11-2001).]
  4. hey gusto.... send me an email please... maddskillish@hotmail.com ------------------ ComikOne
  5. the third one ... ------------------ ComikOne
  6. heat is one of my favorite writers ...i cant see enough of his work... everytime i see his shit im left yurning for more...(the same feeling my gf gets after sex) ------------------ ComikOne
  7. Question Mark


    ANDDDD the two first ones are exact duplicates just the way he duplicates the same char over and over and over... ------------------ ComikOne
  8. Question Mark


    those last few pieces really blow cock and ballz... u just made yourself look stupid... ------------------ ComikOne
  9. ive never heard of ears before .... no pun intended.... but i really like it... bump for ears without the snot ------------------ ComikOne
  10. Question Mark


    i dont like his letters at all... besides for that character , he dont got nuthin... ------------------ ComikOne
  11. tha first Gusto sketch is madd hott... i really fucken like it.... alot.... i dont like the second one much... but for real... if u did that one on a wall.. u would get mad props... ------------------ ComikOne
  12. five is the worst writer ive ever seen in my life... i dont care...
  13. yo i go to that part of NC on vacation every damn year... no graf tho.. makes it boring... fucken -- CORROLLA LIGHTS hahahahahahahaha ------------------ ComikOne
  14. biter = Skills ------------------ ComikOne
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