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  1. man havnt seen kem shit since underpressure but my homeboy insited i check this shit out on 12oz. holy shit is all i want to say. holy shit homeboy!
  2. yo these flix are the best! where the fuck do you get them from? Nice lineups!! nice fucking put-together!! !!!!
  3. all AMRN's caught in the last month: -awe, heat (wow) -oger (cool) -arys, met (nice met) -arys met again (other side simples) -gyme (nice colors) -pores, move (ummmm) -move again. (wak) -debt, nekst, lewis (funky lewis) -crae, ?, popquiz, wyse (the one in clout. ? peice is hurtin) -utah, glue (dope glue) -pars character (i like these) -dreos, boar (fresh) -norms (dissed) -norms again -norms again -dive (blocky) -pako (dope styles) -legs (outlines on the next panel uneccessary) and a lot more but i cant think of them anymore.
  4. sorry but that taco burns the fatso causr to a crisp! hot and spicy bitch!
  5. love the pako and TM shit..... but fuck the dirty south!!!!!!!!!!!! never goin back. fucking swamp!
  6. nice skem. aint there some colt45 tropicanass around? i seen em her e before.
  7. man!!! all u need is that mayhem autorack for this thread!!
  8. thanks for posting some nicce yellow dttx's. fS
  9. hell yes....thanks for the flix. nice. i feel alive again like a slap in the face. fuck a bitch! fs,wh network rippin it on the trop reeferz! word up....
  10. caught some sick shit by PT crew... i coudlnt read it .. cali work... does manik, sear ring any bells..?.. dope!
  11. eh fr8junky... thats sum crazy catches. where ?
  12. yo i got the ill flix's playa!!! rollin footage out the cornholio too!
  13. -sesk, shem ARMN -hore, smyl CLC -bubs CLC -ohms, zet3 SLGG -siner whole autorak -siner peicesX2 autorak -labor, nerds -moka -base, deks BCIT -necs ARMN -gkae'96 CN gondola -rex, ?, ? SLGG -apel BCIT -selfish, sectr autorak -stun, mines SSAM -oils, mber, zinc autorak -meter ?, USLX -fyse, pez BCIT -when, devi WFE -necs, mber, nise, dasar SLGG -kie, kil?(lts) WC -sigh RBOX -shame, sebo IC -other IC -mazer ARMN -mazer CV -utopia, crooks, urine, grose, metal, bulk BNxcessht reefer -rates, cezo ARMN -chachi UPFE
  14. TBK reefers!!!! Kome reefer... word up.
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