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  1. muthafuckinfatso

    Kem 5

    man havnt seen kem shit since underpressure but my homeboy insited i check this shit out on 12oz. holy shit is all i want to say. holy shit homeboy!
  2. muthafuckinfatso

    Sucker Train Blues.........

    yo these flix are the best! where the fuck do you get them from? Nice lineups!! nice fucking put-together!! !!!!
  3. muthafuckinfatso

    spotted #81 = metal health

    all AMRN's caught in the last month: -awe, heat (wow) -oger (cool) -arys, met (nice met) -arys met again (other side simples) -gyme (nice colors) -pores, move (ummmm) -move again. (wak) -debt, nekst, lewis (funky lewis) -crae, ?, popquiz, wyse (the one in clout. ? peice is hurtin) -utah, glue (dope glue) -pars character (i like these) -dreos, boar (fresh) -norms (dissed) -norms again -norms again -dive (blocky) -pako (dope styles) -legs (outlines on the next panel uneccessary) and a lot more but i cant think of them anymore.
  4. muthafuckinfatso

    __I stole the throne, I wore the crown__

    sorry but that taco burns the fatso causr to a crisp! hot and spicy bitch!
  5. muthafuckinfatso

    once upon a time in the dirty south

    love the pako and TM shit..... but fuck the dirty south!!!!!!!!!!!! never goin back. fucking swamp!
  6. muthafuckinfatso

    Lots of Pulp...

    nice skem. aint there some colt45 tropicanass around? i seen em her e before.
  7. muthafuckinfatso

    no subject

    man!!! all u need is that mayhem autorack for this thread!!
  8. muthafuckinfatso

    Things You May Have Slept On.....

    thanks for posting some nicce yellow dttx's. fS
  9. muthafuckinfatso


    hell yes....thanks for the flix. nice. i feel alive again like a slap in the face. fuck a bitch! fs,wh network rippin it on the trop reeferz! word up....
  10. muthafuckinfatso

    Spotted 68

    caught some sick shit by PT crew... i coudlnt read it .. cali work... does manik, sear ring any bells..?.. dope!
  11. muthafuckinfatso

    Spotted 68

  12. muthafuckinfatso

    Spotted 68

    eh fr8junky... thats sum crazy catches. where ?
  13. muthafuckinfatso

    Spotted 68

    yo i got the ill flix's playa!!! rollin footage out the cornholio too!
  14. muthafuckinfatso

    Spotted 68

    -sesk, shem ARMN -hore, smyl CLC -bubs CLC -ohms, zet3 SLGG -siner whole autorak -siner peicesX2 autorak -labor, nerds -moka -base, deks BCIT -necs ARMN -gkae'96 CN gondola -rex, ?, ? SLGG -apel BCIT -selfish, sectr autorak -stun, mines SSAM -oils, mber, zinc autorak -meter ?, USLX -fyse, pez BCIT -when, devi WFE -necs, mber, nise, dasar SLGG -kie, kil?(lts) WC -sigh RBOX -shame, sebo IC -other IC -mazer ARMN -mazer CV -utopia, crooks, urine, grose, metal, bulk BNxcessht reefer -rates, cezo ARMN -chachi UPFE
  15. muthafuckinfatso

    discolored snow...

    TBK reefers!!!! Kome reefer... word up.