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  1. 'the biggest secrete', david ikey>>>>>some messed up stuff '89 step' john ruskin>>>>>>>>>cool little spy novel 'matrices for management'>>>>>>>meh 'ecoding and encription'>>>>>>>meh/wack 'the importance of being ernest' oscer wilde>>>>>>>>so funny
  2. "step to me and i'll fuck you up" lol, dope qoute from the war lord
  3. which of those black dudes is arsn?
  4. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid57/p2ec833c142ae8092116bd4a2e820c75c/fc6d99fa.jpg'> THE CHARACTER ABOVE THE THIS PANNEL OWNS! RELAX B
  5. komes

    Canadian Cleans

  6. biddy! i forgot about her. ah what a night I shared with her.
  7. sorry i don't know who it is spelt. that was my logical guess
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