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  1. I'm in on all of this!


    Hair in funny places? Shit, my ears look like Willie Nelson's braids if I don't pluck them, which I hate to admit I do. Sometimes I pull full tree branches from my nostrils. I get winded when I tie my fucking shoes, and while winded I grunt like a fucking warthog because my fucking gut is pushing on my diaphragm. I work 40+ hours a week, just so I can afford to have someone else do my laundry. After working a full 8+ hour day, I tend to go home, make dinner, and instantly say "I need a fucking drink." After I make my (insert booze here) and (mix here), I sit down and zone out on a box that makes me stupid as each minute passes. How the fuck did I get sucked into "A shot at love with Tila Tequilla?" In my younger years, "going out" meant getting crazy, doing something stupid, and hoping I didn't end up in jail, beat down, or dead. Now, "going out" means dinner parties at friends houses, sushi with my ladyfriend, or a live band where I feel "old" because I'm usually sober and can't relate to fashion statements and all that bullshit.


    Here's some shit that puts some of us apart from others:


    --We didn't grow up on the internet

    --We watched black and white shows in syndicate (and not episodes of "friends" or "Seinfeld" --we saw those first run)

    --We remember Pre-Cable TV, and how to work an antenna so we can get Roller Derby or WWF on Saturday mornings

    --We had creature double feature and kung-fu theater, not "The O.C." or "The Hills" (this might only have been on Boston)


    Feel free to add to this list.



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