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  1. Ob1

    Da beach.

    SUCKERS!!!! I knew that would work! I wasted your life!
  2. Ob1

    Da beach.

    Re: I'm BC Yes, it is my name. :crazy:
  3. Looks like someone has been reading there training bible.
  4. Sk8terBOI That is a really bad name. Did you get that from Avrail?
  5. I always wanted a pair, but my mom couldn't afford them. I had to wear the chucks. Oh, and you can't forget about Cross Colors.
  6. Re: here That is the dumbest thing I have seen.... seriously..
  7. Ob1

    Da beach.

    This is a picture i have been drawing for like 2 hours, and I finally finished it. Tell me what you think The pic
  8. Ob1

    eat me!

    D0pE That is so dope. It reminds me of the realworld. You know the show on mtv.
  9. Yeah man, those strings have been out for a couple of years now dude. Steve Vai plays on them.
  10. This is a picture I drew of my band, "SEVENTH GATE". We are a bunch of metal heads. http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Seventh_Gate/images/lg-74856.jpg'>
  11. Ob1


    When you spank your monkey, jack-off, maturbate or choke the chicken, do you tickle your ass?
  12. it sure fucking would! You would be dead. Dead people cant do anything. There dead.
  13. Dude those were so fucking dope man! You are a fucking artistic genius....
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