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  1. girls with thongs stuck between their boo boos
  2. yo whats there to hate? all that shit looks the same. the same as the old shit and the new shit, the same as the euro shit, the same as the HM shit. its all the same. lotsa cats do new shit. i dont know what your talkn about.
  3. sorry, but you have no idear what your doing
  4. they suck, but better than many toy sketchesk
  5. unless your boys jewish he needs to stop writin that
  6. lets see that sneiz mukis close up dun
  7. yo homie get some of that natty ice and forget yo troubles, i got your biznakc. fo rilla we straight on the rilla
  8. hella gay...alla that. except graffiti tatoos
  9. and whatever JPEE is dope hes got good style thast different from alot of shit. whatever on the diss page, and i dont remember seeing symons shit ever but JPEE is lookin fresh
  10. king of freights no doubt!!!!
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