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  1. i think her names Juliya..not sure though...shes the hot metal loving chick with black hair and a nose ring i think
  2. theres a piece of an R from a Staer piece in the Maxim magazie with Lucy Liu on the cover (God shes hot)....and there are some other pieces on the wall too, i cant make them out cause some dudes are standing in front of it...post a flick of the actual wall if u got it. also another question for all the heads that paint at 5 Points...i dont know if anyone watches Much Music...but theres a commercial for it where that hot ass host chic that hosts the show is at 5 points taking off all her shirts..i just wanted to know if anyone who works there or was there that day saw her tits and if they have a picture of them could they please post em up. thank you.
  3. i like it.. the only things i would work on are the hair (i know its a bitch to draw), make her neck shorter, bring her titties up alil higher, and maybe even throw in some cameltoe.. otherwise its all gravy
  4. hooooly shit, a cali post with straight letters, simples, and NONe of that msk chulo style yak...damn. anyways dope post.
  5. i went into a comic store the other day and all the comics i got from collecting arent worth spit now, shit just sucks i guess.
  6. i also must agree with tyler d. on this subject...im just trying to find a girl thats not a total crackhead..i like girls with good personalities...but im a sucker for tig 'ol bitties!
  7. nah man thanks..some kids actually do jail time..i know its a rare occassion, but shit happens. the longest i know of personally was around 20 days.
  8. photographs are good. enough bullshit. lets talk about laws on li. if you get busted how big are the fines? what about jail time? no need to name names, but if you know people who have been fined or gotten jail just state how much or how long.
  9. sometimes i wonder nowadays if some kids can actually rock a nice straight-letter...i would much rather see you do a clean straight-lettered simple than this ish..just do one for me..do a knucklehead simple and draw some hearts and daisies around it...kids are just skipping steps these days...damn internet
  10. one more lil thing..try not to nut hugg spots..like slam stated before if you got a chill spot to paint dont fuck it up by going around and putting up tags near that area..if you know of a tunnel or somewhere else to paint at, dont blow up that spot by hitting up everywhere around it..streetwise i mean..try and keep chill spots chill by bringing less attention to them...i dunno if this is making any sense but all i know is that im not about to destroy a nice line by going on the streets that run along that line and putting up quick shit on all the builings around it..i guess its almost like trying to keep a fr8 yard chill by not going over the numbers.
  11. this is what a nyc post should look like..nice flix
  12. yes you can use rulers if you want straight lines, but i wouldnt recommend it when youre first starting out. when i first started i thought it was almost illegal in a sense to use rulers or other mediums to put in my pieces..i was definitley wrong. the only reson i say to chill on the ruler thing for now is because u wanna be able to build yourself up until your able to draw a perfectly straight line freehand..just keep practicing and soon youll be able to draw str8 lines freehand...i mean you u can the ruler if u want say a perfect square box or something with correct measurements, etc...just keep practicing
  13. feeltheagony


    dope post..that character in the room is hot as hell..fresh bombs tight pieces..post some older stuff too...let the young ones like me know the history..id like to see some madmax flix..great post
  14. this wednesday on E! at 10pm eastern time, theyre having a special on Angelina Jolie..it should be nice.
  15. this weather rocks bro...i woke up today and went swimming at the beach then came home and went to school..and i actually wanted to go to school, all the ladies were wearing tons of skin. there was T&A all over the place..tanktops galore...ive been feeling all motivated and shit since it got warm out...only thing that sucks is that its hot as hell in my house right now.
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