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  1. ghoulsnightout


    if you were in new york, all of you would have a seriously different outlook on this hole matter. My simpathy goes out to those who have suffered a loss in this tragedy, and to those inacents that will suffer from the inevidable retaliation. peace and blessings
  2. (use one) takeing the ride on the dick express
  3. mr celf and mr neks the strong island thugs.
  4. hey use, you suck and so do all the twelve year olds in your crew.
  5. i remember this kid who was down with a crew called PLUS and he wrote ens, but he really was a fucking nut case. for some reason i don't think your all that "ensane"
  6. i'm not usually the one to compliment but that rest(chrome) is kind of fresh. not sure about that phoe
  7. i want a cigarette, but i think i'll smoke some krills instead, then go ripoff a boaring style
  8. those flicks aren't old. were's the prey and rath? i want to see some old shit. i know some of you fuckers have some history in your albums, share a little real RI history with these grade school toys.
  9. jobe what is this nonsense? if your so "old" why are you talking shit on the internet, find their stuff and rag it. oh and stop playing yourself by riding the DNA tip so hard, ya heard!
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