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  1. hoax from like 97 kuhr senr?/venom peak wyse/crae kiaz shore/perish?
  2. fucking shit. damn. i got some shit... i'll post in a bit... where's yeast, obi, bspek, gamble, jeruko, sin, or even ewok? bookworm? zoks? awesome sevenist stencils... i have some on freights... i'll post... FCR!
  3. this has nothing to do with legal or illegals... i think the walls look too formulaic... it's like every issue of scribble i've ever racked... it's kind of boring and i don't think the letters are really going anywhere... the fills are also typical att style... not that i have anything against att... which i'm sure was about to be thought...
  4. thursday? i saw them at krazy fest... i have to say that they are pretty lame... they basically ripped off boysetsfire.... also i heard that they stole someone's lyrics... insider tip.
  5. graff madness on the run in chicago... dwel bster spel when in wisconsin somewhere.... jurnes/lack cusion car a bunch of each2 a bunch of the swek/rade cp news car flat depth hopper
  6. i always liked puzl... too bad.
  7. dude bro dude i kind of came on here expecting to see alot of shit from minneapolis and chicago and milwaukee... but all i see is a bunch of legal crap that gets too much hype. everytime i come on this part of the forum all i see are the same people... or some toys that don't know anything. this site is getting played out... i should post some flicks.
  8. no to take part in some lame side but i think that colt45 tko has way more style than the euro one... that's just me... i also think that street bombing in la is alot more dangerous than alot of people that have never been there realize.... so i give him props for that...
  9. i like it... too bad it's not on a train.
  10. cool.... am i first this time?
  11. imported_xhobox


    i just have to say that i enjoyed giants comment about as much as i enjoy his art work... i find it commendable that there are writers that are still about bombing and are still excited by art out there... alot of times i feel that graffiti is just bullshit... but it's just bullshit surrounding graffiti... that when i have a can and i'm wandering around doing my thing that's what graffiti is.... alot of what giant said rang true for me.
  12. you know it's funny. kids want to see more flicks but don't post their own... when i was in st. louis i had fun bombing and doing freights... but almost everyone that i saw up was not from st louis i guess... alot of california kids... and some other kids from random parts of the country... eatfuck, grotesque, and veks came to mind... aren't they kyt?
  13. all that shit is played the fuck out.
  14. i had those shoes for awhile... i couldn't get used to them... too tight on my fucking feet... uncomfortable... the only cool thing was the white stripe.
  15. shoot yourself in the face.... read above...
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