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  1. http://bombingscience.com/graff/bombhalloween13.jpg'> damo sake raw http://bombingscience.com/graff/bombhalloween10.jpg'> dock loes http://bombingscience.com/graff/bombhalloween8.jpg'> sino http://bombingscience.com/graff/bombfeteve4.jpg'> damo http://bombingscience.com/graff/bombfeteve7.jpg'> shok jone here? http://bombingscience.com/graff/bomb11nov3.jpg'> maker ------------------ bomb the living bejeepers outta those horses
  2. satellite


    it's the representation of nature that makes it beautiful. think of emily carr or the group of seven. they painted nature scenes and those were beautiful as well. bateman's work is simply a highly technical representation of the same things. hey sake- could you post some letters you've done? not that i don't like characters, i'd just be interested to see what else you've done.. ------------------ elite salt. mp. [This message has been edited by satellite (edited 09-23-2001).]
  3. those elephants are fun. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  4. three cheers for freight posts! ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  5. satellite

    big aussie post

    this shit is awful. poor letterform hiding behind tons of colors. [except for the last one.] ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  6. satellite

    Anyone have any Skeme pics?

    neat ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  7. satellite


    the web in the fourth flick is so clean it almost looks fake. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  8. satellite

    SF photos

    kers is ugly. even if getting up isn't about art, it could be about basic aesthetics. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  9. that was annoying.. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  10. satellite

    hawaii..hawaii...chee hoooo!

    i'd call it a bomb, but definitions aren't important.even though that katch flick has been posted about 2 or 3 times in the last few days, it's always nice to see..good post. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  11. satellite

    Various VA

    the truth is..in the aest simple. [fucking cornball.] ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  12. satellite

    Old streaks...new peeks...(9/22 edition)

    nice post rage. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  13. satellite


    as opposed to the straight fag posers. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//biggrin.gif'> i reallyhope mer-one was kidding about those "pieces"..does anyone else remember when he bit dalek's character, it was identical, and he claimed credit for it? what a strange thread. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  14. satellite

    pysa ,zeser, and what not...

    msk, kog never fails. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  15. satellite

    some HAWAII bombs

    the katch is quite innovative. jeats, jaer, beamr, nasa, all very nice. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  16. satellite

    Canvas styles

    i don't know..seems like you're trying to be abstract. it's really jagge, the flow in it really broken. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  17. i like the simplicity..they have a certain ethereal quality. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  18. satellite

    Barbie & her Freights

    i used to have barbie dolls. i had a ballroom barbie and beach babrie. only one ken doll though. that yoshi looks kinda poorly done. is that an early one by him maybe? ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  19. satellite

    For my first real post

    keepin' it steel. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  20. satellite

    Computer graff

    i really like the first one, except for the knobby things coming off the letters. i agree with seeking. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  21. satellite

    Hardtimes in big fr8 yards

    too many to name them all. great fucking post. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  22. satellite

    seym and doom's ugly version of a wtc memorial prod.

    i like it, but i don't really care for doom's simple. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  23. http://www.nycsubway.org/slides/r12/r12-5756.jpg'> testing this.. ------------------ elite salt. mp.
  24. satellite


    that's good ivo, assume he's a toy because he attempted to post flicks of someone's work whom he doesn't know. at least he could probably do something more than block letters, which were all the rage in grade five. oh, congratulations on becoming elite! ------------------ elite salt. mp. [This message has been edited by satellite (edited 09-22-2001).]
  25. satellite

    NYC- really really old cars. Early to mid-70's.

    1. Beats me, but there's a pink comet on the next car. 2. That's not a question. ------------------ elite salt. mp.