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  1. as funny as what you said to me.
  2. that describes me. im a loser. well, look at the bright side, at least ive got my health. :crazy:
  3. good point. but thats what this channel zero is for. to post thoughs/experiences/expressions,etc. some people had empathy, and some people like tease and avils told me they wished id have died in there. and i still remember, secret was the only one who said how fucked up a statement that was. i never told nak to shut up either. it sucks whats happening. but false support wont help.
  4. oh believe me i wish i were dead more than you ever could.
  5. no. why do you ask? all you people are pathetic. how many people here truly care? all im saying is that this shit happens to decent people every day and none of us give it a thought. why is he different? because he posts on here? wack. most people dont care deep down. they just want to come across as nice people, etc. you can insult me all ya want. the fact is that im right. if you really want to help why dont you dig down into your pockets and help him out? then we'll see who really cares. the main reason i posted about it being his fault is called satire. everyone was like "oh ill pray for you", when according to religious people he broke one of gods biggest rules. also wouldnt this be the same god who made this happen? god doesnt exist.
  6. maybe god didnt feel the pregnancy scare was enough, and this is further punishment for having premarital sex. its all your fault, man.
  7. your-arm-is-thick-as-fuck. with-lesbians-fat-fingers-is-like-big-penis. im-sure-your-girl-is-happy.
  8. the-hippies-said-the-same-shit. and-canada-is-more-coservative-than-us-in-a-lot-of-ways. way-more-conservative-when-it-comes-to-free-speech-in-entertainment. howard-stern-always-complained-of-what-was-censored-on-his-show-from-the-canada-stations. he-even-ended-up-getting-cancelled-there-because-of-so-much-pressure-on-the-radio-stations. also-your-gun-laws-are-more-conservative.
  9. eat-your-dog-and-cat. wear-their-fur-for-some-clothing. dont-really-know-what-else-to-say. no-matter-how-bad-things-get...at-least-you-have-a-spacebar.
  10. mapo wc


    i-have-a-tribal-wristband-with-a-sun. its-shitty-work-though. if-you-look-closely-you-can-see-stray-lines-in-the-outline-and-it-isnt-filled-in-well. also-it-isnt-even-symmetrical. nothing-that-couldnt-be-fixed-by-a-better-artist-but-its-wack-nonetheless. ive-been-researching-laser-removal-and-im-gonna-have-it-removed-when-i-get-some-money.
  11. http://www.jailbabes.com/profile.db?af=0&a...t=0&st=9&b=5310 wish-she-was-at-my-prison. shes-in-fl-too!
  12. i-have-lived-next-to-a-womens-prison-for-quite-some-time. they-mow-my-lawn-and-pick-up-my-trash. but-they-are-not-hot.
  13. well-the-hamburger-could-be-considered-the-building-block-of-a-good-diet. he-probably-meant-that-it-contains-protein,carbohydrates,etc. but-thats-just-the-basic-hamburger. and-could-be-said-about-pretty-much-any-kind-of-food-when-broken-down.
  14. i-just-beat-it!!! the-ending-is-hilarious that-same-site-has-a-dope-game-called-"pimp-quest"- i-also-recommend. when-will-i-get-a-new-space-bar?--you-ask? hopefully-soon
  15. i-cant-kill-him-either. anyone-been-able-to? myspacebarisbroken-seriously.
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