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  1. pieces are tight.... the people.......... ehhhhh
  2. ummmm joker is also good, the us one
  3. they are up.... i was scanning them to so you all..... thats all
  4. ohhh i forgot i do like it thobut plz dont make excuses... i used to to that some... that i just stopped cause its like playing yourself... if you cant draw clean work on it more, if you can spend time on it... people need to stop posting "quick ones"....
  5. >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< ohh yeah and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm >>Here<< No you will not steal my customers and ummm saying it was a quick cause it is not clean, etc...... DOES NOT FUCKING WORK..... spend more time on it... that excuse is ridiculous
  6. >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< ohh yeah and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm >>Here<< ohh and um.... if the math sketch is old and the tear skecth or the top one is new.... you'v digressed.... alot
  7. and heres a nifty link to it >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< >>Here<< ohh yeah and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm >>Here<< click one it was made for you
  8. yeah.... what does it even say.... its a little more complex then you should be doing..... im posting my pics today in an hour or so..... get ready!
  9. im about to move there! i knew there was a scene.... but those are REALLY DOPE!!!!!! maybe someday you guys will post my stuff... http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//biggrin.gif'>
  10. Fixed [This message has been edited by Imerz (edited 06-01-2001).]
  11. i see no sketches..... those are all on walls.... looking up! i dont like the one that i posted for you tho... and remember the / in [/img]
  12. that wasnt really a handstyle... it was a i just wrote 4 pages on a test in an hour and a half and now i can barely move my hand , handstyle
  13. i post like 5 times a day on average... by that ratio i should get to 400 in a few months or so if i get to 400 and still blow... it would be no good.... see? i am busy drawing [This message has been edited by Imerz (edited 06-01-2001).]
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