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The Fat Guy

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  1. You done gone wrong bitch ... .. shouldnt be talkin shit bout the fucken grill man ..and you didnt even make the fucken burgers.... fuck it who cares..... well where the fuck you been at slut?????????????? your ass aint ever on aim ....... suck my weener ,,, fuck you and that puto you call a boyfriend . And dont fool yourself, youre not hot.....as far as i go ,, im gods gift to women ...fuck you and that toothpaste that comes mixed with scope , that shit aint good ...i love you lets make babies,,,, go buy an acura the huffy aint cuttin it . i love you Signed , The Motha Fucken Fat Guy
  2. youre all still fucken gay ... dumbass bitches. kitty go to hell im fine youre not .... and alvster youre a gay fuck ...dddd was definitely a hero i made love to his mother and till this day were still best of friends ... rooftop that motherfucker was definitey something special his views on everythign were fucken deep and gay so fuck him i love you .kruise kontrol youre a fag from australia i love you . ... repn richmond cool guy ,.. oddsc no love for dem hos hahah.....clint eastwood was a cool motherfucker ... i dunno who else i didnt mention ,,, that board was the dopest thing on the internet it gave me a reason to live ....everyone here is too harcore ,.,.. hifi was about fronting like your black , talkin about shit youve never done , actin cool even though youre a bitch nigger , talkin all the shit you can in the privacy of your own home , and seeing who can get at the bitches on there .....hifi was more than a board it was home .. =( P.s. fuck you bitches ... youre all gay fucks ... tell your mothers i said hi Signed The Fat Guy
  3. hifi was the best , fuck you 12oz bitches.
  4. The Fat Guy

    the dub

    sorknow site http://www.geocities.com/kilallofu/index.html
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