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  1. y'all know about Bore, right? R.I.P.
  2. Re: Kanye to da... hey sean, i keep getting invitiations in the mail. one of these days i'm going to have to RSVP. You know what i'm spraying??? nice work on the gringos.
  3. Andy Rooney: whhhhhhyyyy is it everytime i open one of these threads i get a roll of new jersey punks all over my screen....!? word to about ALL these guys...and my KOS crew!
  4. SREEJ<--------- change your name to STUDmuffin, dude.
  5. PO BOX and whoever that guy is who gave me a shout.
  6. MBER will steal your fill in. haha i like this guy Reup's work. He's been putting in work, word.
  7. Res, the CRUSH Bros, and that fake ass yors...come see me!!!
  8. WHOA! DURO coming out of the woodworks! and Zeph is so fucking fresh....these guys rock.
  9. Haring was, in fact, a graffiti artist. It is, perhaps, you or I, that is not the graffiti artist. There is a difference between the Modern graffiti movement and the phenomenon of graffiti itself. Well, the graffiti on this site isn't exactly Modern anymore...in gesture it is, but in the second, third, and fourth generation is has relived itself and therefore it is now a Postmodern movement.
  10. by taking it home you're detracting from the significance of the movement as a whole. you've decontextualized the work to be experienced somewhere other than where it was intended...leave it in the yard, the layup, the spot where you found it. take things for what they are worth and don't expect more...
  11. THE NAVY/CHIP Astro zombies is a farging good catch, so is that Alive if its the one from elsewherelandia
  12. Eye with that Y, cool Chip with the grip, and Navy 8 to postulate... and Syke 101 with the looney streak...
  13. damn, awrye's right, we're the only people who get online and enjoy it ... . . . ..
  14. dude really knows how to run an idea into the wall...over...and...over...and...over. BEAT IT!
  15. "im a fucking ornithologist. yah dig?" bhope t2babble + the saul steinberg knows the line, wow
  16. "You must change your life." rm ri http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/OxuYd_birdsofglasgow_Tsss.jpg'> Glasgow, Scotland
  17. on and on oadn na and on adno on and on a aan oo af
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