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  1. looks like Syke getting the NS dude's handlejob. wokka wokka
  2. ^^^^ yeah no doubt i'd love to get a handle on that "exhibit car" fuckn' helvetica and all hell. >>>>>>BEL >>>old worm come back
  3. and then i let out an Acid Scream "EEEEEEIIIIIIIIII IEEEEEEEE KKKKKKKKKKK KK !"
  4. jacksonville, itssssssslow, get it? no? you're retarded. i might slide through again just to see a creep show with Kram.
  5. chill brah...hi jbue...he's got some tongue and cheek trust me .. . IOFunny guys
  6. HOLY SHIT .. .. ..i flipped my hat running for a block on that one man... geek <<< !!!!!
  7. HOLY montana hookup in baltimore. great catch Matokie slaughter <<<<<<<
  8. yo HESH last time i was there was with you brahhhh... krunk on slayer day. i think joce got me stoned and put me out of commission that day. i wouldn't say RIP. we'll be back...
  9. the sad truth is there were a lot more possibilities then. more innovators, and less expectations of what a train panel should be...which is now a formula that Joe new guy 2004 can pick up in a few weeks worth of effort.. ..
  10. yeah, way to take a chance in the big picture, guy. you meet a 63 year old guy that writes and you want to take his paint. that's fucking professional man. woulda coulda shoulda... .. .
  11. MORNING NEW DISEASE CHARCOAL IN BED! bone soaked anemic listen in horror!
  12. YES!!! I RULE for dating a hollow and then finding it online Friday night.
  13. the line technician...weight/motion/flow master... and he can down molson ice with the best of us...hey man, where'd you go?? -your bloke
  14. "instant classic" is an egotistical oxymoron. and we definitely don't get enough of the chilled expresses here if ever any at all.
  15. that guy learn must get chased out often.....forever seing unfinished pieces...
  16. Vandal squad for a crew name?!? Ingeniously ironic.
  17. see the train roll by? it's a matter of intelligence.
  18. all shit....why do you retards waste your money...?
  19. the man is a skilled artist to boot :king: :king:
  21. Re: futurists i got my hands on one these originals the other week at a low-pro library. marinetti moves in waves... i was geeked.
  22. JOCE the true hobo. Koseeya soon, homes
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