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  1. i can sorta agree with what was said about not posting her personal info on here. first of its not that hard to get info about her since links to her site have already been posted. second if someone is to do something to her this site would be investigated. yea
  2. :rolleyes: :lol: funny thing is i try to do a search on homegirl and the first thread that shows up is Writer Getting Caught On Cops. ha not sayin nothing but it would be real fucked up if canttouch was Bobobi11 on some Usual Suspect / Donnie Brasco act.
  3. off subject but has anyone noticed the huge amount of 5 door hatchback/staionwagon looking cars that have come out recently??? the matrix,insight, vibe, mazda protege 5 and so on. its ridiculous.
  4. i agree with ese . there were many problems in the past and there will be even more in the future. im sure life will change but we will continue. i cant predict what will happen tommorow but i dont think the"end" is near.
  5. its all about the canned Carnation condenced milk. its the sweetest thing ever invented. just take a choclate bar (twix/caramello) put it in a bowl filled condenced milk and microwave .
  6. theres no question that US (like every other country) does shady shit. but alot of what's said on here is always one-sided. anyways we can argue about what our country does and how wrong we are but at the end of the day we are the ones that benefit from it. Not saying that bullying other countries is right but if we didn't we probably wouldn't have some of the luxuries we have. Honestly, how many of you would bitch if god forbid the price of gas goes up a penny or some sweatshop gets closed down and causes you not to get your brand new sneakers before the first day of school?
  7. dont know much about hockey and dont know if this is true or not but i heard that the last time Canada won a gold was like 1952 which is kinda hard to believe. but like i said i'm kinda clueless.
  8. how could you forget Reading Rainbow. remember how kids use get killed over Jordan sneaks and everybody and their mom had ripped jeans. it was all so simple back then.
  9. one of my fav writers out of nj. buddy always comes correct plus his throws are sick too
  10. In the Mouth of Madness After Dark(good movie) Hav Plenty The good the bad and the ugly(classic) Vampire Hunter D Squeeze Warriors Cooley High Flash Gordan (old fav) Enemy at the Gates It Usual Suspects Golden Child
  11. yea i heard bout this on the news. thats really fucked up, i was kinda shocked to find out something like this could happened in figure skating. i mean c'mon its figure skating. you wouldn't expect stuff like that to happen especially in the olympics but it does. "ice dancing thugs, busting knee caps in 2002"
  12. damn i cant believe that this is from australia(is it?).not dissing astrl. or anything but this is kinda different from what usually gets posted from austrl on this site.all sick shit. lovin that piece above the bounty hunter sketch . hot to death
  13. i doubt that those pics are fake..i've seen Euro stuff like that before were it looks fake but isn't. yea it looks fake but like buddy said "better color selection, caps blah blah". i dont know about the olympia pic though to pull the colors of like that is possible but the whole pic just looks funny.
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