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  1. what the fuck is so hardcore about doing freights in west bumblefuck? shut up. they are all ill though. end of story [This message has been edited by uglyfe (edited 09-23-2001).]
  2. agreed.... go eat some eucalyptes.
  3. nerd... sits in a hole and waits for his foot to heal so he can paint again.
  4. red roses for a blue lady, the one that starts with acoustic guitar or god forbid track 7
  5. uglyfe


    dek+paint = crispy. damoge noce
  6. i just want to say thanks to everyone on here for keeping on. i was reading an article on graffiti today and it said that the world over has around 900,000 writers. this is unbelievable. seriously, shake a hand make a friend and then battle conformity. i was also reading an article on some kids who got arrested in providence from AOS crew what they were doing at the time is what we are a "Army Of Soldiers" DON'T EVER FUCKING STOP.
  7. FUCK YEAH! awesome, i printed out a few of them to put in my book. i found some of them funny, others insightful. thanks.
  8. man... i tell ya i have had more than my share of stupid injuries. as soon as i hit the ground my feet just split and squished. then i fell in the pool and thought nothing happened until i noticed that my feet were soaked in blood and they were all lumpy and i couldnt walk. oh man being house ridden sucks...�
  9. AHEM and i quote said freind " I was at the holocaust museum and this girl was crying so i shined my laser pointer in her eyes and she said she liked it and she shined hers back and then i was all like mumbleeell grumbllleee ginmmmmble ooooo....." trails off to silence. damn weird aaron but he's mad cool
  10. uglyfe


    watermelon bubbelicious.... don't front you better act like you know...
  11. last night i was at a party and decided to jump off a roof into a pool... needless to say i missed the pool and hit cement from 20 feet up with a running start. i won't be walking again for a while... it sucks. i have had alot of other stupid injuries in my past and i would be interested to read some other injury horror stories. nerds wheelchairs suck.
  12. i saw a fight at one once. this guy thought he got disqualified unfairly so he got out and beat the shit out of the winner. another time I saw a car crash in a regular race and this guy jumped the fence because it was his son who crashed... so anyways this guy ran across the track and as he was doing so git hit by the ambulance going to the car crash. the ambulance kept going and the guy layed there. it was sickly funny.
  13. i remember having these toys called visionairies with hologram pannels on thier chests it was kind of a he man rip off but it was ill. making tree forts is far and away the greatest thing ever. and then we had fort wars and it usually ended up in a giant brawl. each block would fight the other block pretty much weekly because some one trashed the other fort. and we had spies and shit and we made flour bombs and threw fireworks at each other. oh man that was a blast.
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