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  1. damn geto.. that new shit is amazing.. it's a nice step up from your previous stuff IMO. keep it up. is that all at kalani??
  2. jer58

    Hawaii Graf?

    that was the wackest shit i have EVER seen. what is that some legal wall you guys got? man, seriously, i dont' consider myself a writer, but i would tear apart your entire crew. that does look like some late 80's stuff. i'll try and post some flicks that are worth checking out.. yeah rocksteady guys had some dope legal stuff, but i don't think they were much bombers.. some crews that are/did make some noise in hawaii.. 3bm ask af tr ev de te please don't base your opinion of hawaii on those flicks.. hawaii has a lot of talented people.
  3. damn that blue tag is the dopest style i've seen in a long time.
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