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  1. werc


    seen that apes in person. looks way bigger than in the pic. tight shit and that jabs is sick
  2. esel burning up this post with tight shit
  3. werc


    dope.. me and revise. where this shit caught at?
  4. werc

    Uno Delegate

    droping clews...
  5. thats nice to see that e2e rolled out west. i still have it on the roll in my camera. RC
  6. werc


    im always feeling prism. ive caught about 8 of his freights and seen one of those pieces in person. always tight shit.
  7. werc

    spotted 62

    APEs WHOLE CAR it was blue and cream i think. the letters were funked out straight letters. was 2002. spotted in ontario canada.
  8. how can you say biter is biting. his shit looks like it did in 95 just way more advanced. and rounded out. dope shit. but i still want to heard more complaing...
  9. dope. i catch his shit on freights regular up in canada nice to see case up in this too....
  10. that piece in the tunnels is sick. and i i had my scanner working i could post i sick tokeo freight i have. i always catch mad mul tags on freights. a c3po roller tag last week.
  11. all this shit burns. i like that truck the most.. and if i had a train out there that looked like the elder i would hope mack and biter would cover it up. damn still respect.
  12. that mazer looks fresh two ways.... Gh
  13. dope shit i like the old ass geso.. and i caught that virus a while ago.
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