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  1. I believe he was refering to the many arrows, drips, etc...
  2. Wow that mentos/akews friehgt is sooo nice. Nice post!!! Vancity!!
  3. nice stuff, i liked the sketches alot more than the painted stuff. What part of Canada are you from?
  4. Memento would deffinatley have to be my current favorite. some others are Fight Club Snatch Fear and Loathing is Las Vegas Usual Suspects these are only a few i could think of off the top of my head. I would have to say 3000 Miles to Graceland was one of the worst movies ive seen in a long time.
  5. feelin the first two, makros has a really nice tag.
  6. that cese is funny. I might be wrong but wasnt there a kid on here that wrote cese? Anyways its good to see some new stuff from Seym, what happened to him anyways?
  7. uhh i can see it. Looks like it was painted alright, dont care for the letters too much though.
  8. I was gonna say almost exactly what another loser said. Lose those arrows at the ends of the S, W, and E. I actually kinda liked the A. For a first sketch i personally think thats really good. Keep it up man... by the way how old are you?
  9. Never seen stare's stuff before, i really like it though. Very nice onset freight too...
  10. That scar and scan freight is sooo nice, along with the apex and awe walls. Great post! oh yeah that tyboe and dest is a crazy spot too, doesent even look like they had a ledge to stand on!
  11. Nice stuff from ben and ope. That cameo is nice too, different from his usual stuff. Good post, keep em comin.
  12. Sear


    ahahahaha nice post you dork
  13. Quisp is just amazing, that pose and vizie stuff is really nice too. Nice post!
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