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  1. I'm selling a big chunk of my paint collection to take care of some debt. I want to sell the whole lot to one buyer, avoiding the nightmare that is dealing with 50 people. Also, I'd much rather sell to someone in the NYC area to avoid mailing the cans. I have about 65 cans listed. If you buy the whole lot I'll include a bunch of other cans not listed. All cans listed are full and in good shape. Some may have minor knicks or dents, but they are small. All in all they are in GREAT shape. Here's a list of the shit I have, email me with an offer, if interested. I will have scans of the cans soon. If I don't find a buyer in a few weeks, I'm going to ebay them in smaller lots. godofthunder26@iwon.com KRYLON Baby Blue (Sherwin-Williams) - 5 cans Baby Blue Borden Barcode cap Dove Gray Borden Barcode cap Charcoal Gray Borden Barcode cap - 3 cans Pastel Yellow Borden Barcode cap - 2 cans Spanish Brown Borden name label Brass Borden Barcode cap Lemon Yellow Borden Barcode cap Marigold Yellow Borden Barcode cap Jungle Green Borden Barcode cap Bright Copper Sherwin-Williams pink letters - 9 cans Marigold Yellow paper label (big "SPRAY PAINT" under logo) Metallic Blue paper label (big "SPRAY PAINT" under logo) Hot Rod Black paper label - 2 cans Bright Copper paper label - 2 cans 1964 Krlyon Brass white can with silver lines (in GREAT shape) RUSTO 1988 Royal Blue ("New Comfort Tip") - 2 cans 1987 Coffee Brown ("NEW!" - "METAL SAVER") - 2 cans 1988 Aluminum ("BRIGHT COAT") 1988 Avocado Green ("New Comfort Tip") 1987 Country Cream - Wood Saver 1989 Vista Green paper label 1980 Regal Red "Beautifies As It Protects" 1980 Sandstorm "Beautifies As It Protects" 1982 Light Blue HARD HAT Tall Boy 1983 Harbor Blue "Beautifies As It Protects" 1976 Ford Blue "Machinery & Improvement Finish" 1978 Copper Metallic "Beautifies As It Protects" 1978 Lime Green SPEEDY DRY 1972 Avocado Green - Scottie 1973 Marlin Blue - Scottie OTHER DERUSTO - 1958 Seafoam Green ILLBRONZE - 1958 Parisian Red - 2 cans ILLBRONZE - 1958 Citron Yellow ILLBRONZE - 1958 Dove Gray ILLBRONZE - 1958 Dawn Gray ILLBRONZE - 1958 New Paltters Finish DUPLI-COLOR - 1960's Bright Beauty JD Yellow tin cap - 3 cans SPARVAR - 1972 MOSS GREEN paper label (Borden) SPARVAR - Bright Silver paper label (Sherwin-Williams) SPARVAR - 1968 Bright Copper (Borden SPARVAR - Bright Yellow
  2. HAHAHAHA! SIZE likes Penis! I knew it! SIZE is GAY, GAY, GAY! Hahahaha! :) :) :)
  3. Hmmm... Those are prolly the nicest Met fr8s i've seen in a while... also those SeOne's Swon pieces are niiiice... second: i think i know this spot and not all lines there are dead, but a few are. If it's the spot that I think it is, I have painted there and my shit has rolled from there and been spotted later... my 2 cents...
  4. does anyone out there really still care about how "original" someones style is? Who gives a shit? Listen: is he having fun? is he kiiling shit? has been doing it ALL OVER THE USS for years and years? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Of course his letter have been done EVEYONES letters have been done. there is only 26 letters out there. Besides all that the style Aroe has comes from old school Brooklyn niggas he used to admire growing up there, like Sento and shit. Aroe is not some 20 year old new jack that got styles from a magazine. He's been around the east coast, the midwest and the southwest for a minute. If you don't like his shit, so be it, but saying he's "biting" or "jumping on a bandwagon" is stupid, because we are all in a bandwagon. Writing is a bandwagon. Nobody here just started writing out of the blue. This whole idea that as a writer you are this original artisit or whatever is stupid. We all use 3D's and blends, and outlines, and letters, and our names are 3-5 letters... we all do the same thing! Wake up and grow up.
  5. do you guys remember when this exact post sprung up around this time last year? i was like 30 and 2 wholecars or some shit and i was on a mission to do 500 on 2001. well, i did well below that. i have not painted a fr8 in prolly 4 months. i have zero for the year, and my goal for 2002 is 10. If i do 10 fr8s i'll die a happy man :) you guys keep killing yourselves out there for #'s we'll see who's still here in 10 years... shit we'll see who'se still here next february! :)
  6. HERE'S A FEW I HAD LAYING AROUND... this is some shit i had layin around, so don't start giving me shit cuz i post my shit or my boys shit or whatever dumb shit you're gonna say OK? enjoy!
  7. nice shit, dude. i hate that KERN, tho, that whole day sucked!
  8. yeah, that dude birds is one of the few people i have seen up this time around. Vienna used to be pretty hit last time i was here in 99, but there is only a few people bombing anymore around here. but i did see a few big birds and a few of his tags...
  9. MAN! just today i got a chance to take the illest flicks of all the vienna streetcars. i found a dope spot with a Y crossing with some old building (i think its the old state library or something) as a background. i sat there and waited for the right moment and snapped a flick of a state tram (cream and blue), an old red/white city one and a brand new red/black one. all in one shot! i really wish i had my good camera with me, but still... i have no idea what my dad's book's gonna be called, he doesnt even know if the finished book will be in english or spanish. he's writting it in english right now. its actually pretty specific to Bogota tramways. i know that the guy who's helping him with it has written a few books about them in other southamerican cities. this dude has a site, too, ill email my dad and ask him for the URL. rock...
  10. screamo, my boy... hope you're doin better. i been out of it for a while, but you know im around, email me... anyone know how nesm is doin? like always, much love to my peeps. RIP, my man!
  11. hmmm... i have always been into trams or street cars or whatever you wanna call them. every time i go to a city that has them i take pictures and shit. my dad, actually is writting a book about them in South America in the 1940s and 50s. but anyway, now that im here in europe again and i have fallen in love with the new sraßenbahns in vienna designed by Porsche (they sit so low it looks like they hover! check them out http://public-transport.net/bim/Austria/Wi...lf/UlfRemis.jpg), i was wondering if anyone out there has hit one. im sure its been done, but any good stories? id like to see some in Berlin, since their streetcars are that dope yellow... anyway, any nerdy type comments also welcome. im bored.
  12. great timing wow, its actually pretty funny that i get on here for the first time in ages, and the first post i read is about fr8s in europe. im in austria right now and i had the exact same experience. i painted fr8s here and somehow it seemed really lame. they had HUGE ridges. they were some sort of hoppers, but some of them had long chunks of wood on them, which soaked the paint and whatnot... it was freezing fucking cold, too! anyway, thats my 5 cents on the topic of euro-fr8s. Something else: vienna girls are HOT.
  13. KD > FX nice... you know FX is like damn, we should have gotten on this wall... haha! my favorite piece in the wall is the muse, tho... those colors! fuck a connector, i wanna see the wall in person!
  14. :rolleyes: i havent been on here for a while, it's sad that the reason im back is to deal with stupid BS. that dude posting as RIME KCW BBT is not really RIME, please ban whoever that is... on another tip... John RIP, you are with me everysingle day. i never really went into detail about my feelings on here, mostly because things had just happened and because i didnt feel like having a bunch of people i dont know read this, but to those of you on here who know me and knew John and the situation surrounding his death; this is for you guys: There is not an hour that goes by in my day when i dont think about John. Everything reminds me of that fucking day. the annoying lower back pain, the scars on my arm, the letters from the judge, calls from my lawyer, talking to my mom, talking to my friends... everyday there is 1000 reminders of the accident, but for every reminder of the accident, there are 1000 more images of it in my head, in my dreams, in my memory... it's like those few moments are stamped in my brain. I know we all miss John and I know how hard it has to be for the ones of you who were the closest to him. But when you feel bad, think about how I feel, maybe that will make you feel better. my whole life has changed since that day and i'm never going to be the same, but thats not a bad thing. I try to enjoy every moment of my life now, cuz you never know when you're gonna be gone. that could have been me that day and sometimes i wish i would have been. That whole day went like a perfectly normal day. like your day went today or like tomorrow will. then, all of a sudden, John is dead, we're all in the hospital. In the span of 20 minutes we all went from talking about hitting freight later that day to praying we'd all make it. Life can change in a matter of seconds, remember that. if you wanna tell someone you love them, do it! if you wanna do something really bad, do it! you never know what's gonna happen in the next 10 minutes of your life... to my boys on here and all of John's boys: im eternally sorry... i really am. much love. sleep well John, you know I'm trying to do the best i can...
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