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  1. You may need to purchase amps.
  2. The neighborhood I grew up in has gotten absolutely ridiculous in the past 10 years. A lot of extremely wealthy people have moved in and built humongous mansions, and the prices have skyrocketed here. My parents could EASILY sell their house for over a million dollars, and the place is actually falling apart right now. I'm currently looking around for something in the $130K range, and there's few options. There's a couple of good 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom walk-up aprtmentes around $150-$175K though.
  3. There's an extension for Firefox called Greasemonkey that you can use to modify the way websites are displayed on your browser. You can write custom scripts for it. I found a Page Recolorizer script but it's way too simple, I need something a little more robust... I might end up writing one myself but I gotta learn how to do it first.
  4. ^That shit's equally harsh. Right now I'm running a brown background with beige letters and it looks OK. Still trying to figure out how to change the table border colors and I'm set. It won't look as pretty as the actual color scheme, but I'll be able to read without my eyes exploding.
  5. I honestly can't handle this white at all. And it's a shame, cause the board looks great. It's just way too goddamn bright. I'm fucking around with a Greasemonkey script to see if I can do something about it.
  6. Re: I need to speak spanish... again I rule at spanish.
  7. I just click the "Home" button on my browser.
  8. That's an amazing typo. Assuming it wasn't on purpose.
  9. I just broke up with my girl over piña coladas at a beach resort. Fuck girls. I'm awesome.
  10. I am so completely disoriented it's ridiculous.
  11. This imported El Mamerro thing is pretty weird.
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