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  1. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3dc07b3127cce9488ff5a7c0e0000001610'> stolen from boston thread
  2. sorry so small, cartogra resizes them http://www.cartogra.com/sessions/21949882778/17440775lg.jpg'>
  3. anyone have that flick of the vault piece with "you" in place of the "u"? http://www.cartogra.com/sessions/21949882778/17440774lg.jpg'>
  4. your fuckin retarded, go away
  5. what do pink floyd and dale earnhardt have in common? their last big hit was the wall.
  6. fixed it http://image1in.villagephotos.com/index.asp?id=_1205488'> beer i dont know why but i cant get it to come up as a flick on the site so you have to click it.
  7. http://www.cartogra.com/sessions/22781882778/14828586lg.jpg'>
  8. hey i found more of your work on this site http://www.dare.ch/Bilder/walls/Walls.html
  9. evokester, i downloaded it off kazaa, i'll send it to you if you want. email me
  10. i silkscreen and thats alot of work and money for a collection of simpsons toys. you can get a speedball starter set for 80 bucks and do it yourself.
  11. found this in Skateboarder mag october 2002: http://www.cartogra.com/sessions/52449882778/13825563.jpg'>
  12. im new to this and im interested, wheres the best place to start, i understand buying and selling stock but how and where do i do that. can you take out loans to buy stock?
  13. montreal is full of bombin, nice stuff.
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