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Johnny Cochrane

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  1. Kema is always comin' hard.....props
  2. well, maybe if guys could see all the work conz put in over the years you'd understand....he's one of the first writers I'd ever heard of...
  3. first of all conz is by no means new....he's been writing for a really long time. He is fucking old school....second of all, why dooes everyone rocking 3d get accused of being a daim biter?? I've seen tonz of conz stuff and it doesn;t look like daims at all....so shut up.
  4. I'm feelin the first 2...but props on the detail of your letters rivers
  5. what does that green simple one say??? Its fucking incredible....that character is equally dope...
  6. I dunno about that trik being a new style though....he's rocked that for a while I think...
  7. I caught a pesto/trik 1 freight that had ralph wiggum saying "it tastes like burning!" i'll post it later
  8. I caught that water and shyne along time ago but didn;t know who it was...so thanks.
  9. man...my basement is chillin just like that...sweet...
  10. pesto and trik one from canada did one that has ralph wiggum between there pieces saying "ahhhh!it tastes like burning"....funny shit...
  11. Thank you sir..thank you
  12. is that the bear from victoria???
  13. good god. I almost had an orgasm when I saw that second tkid. Nice shit indeed.
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