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  1. Survival of the fittest! I'm gonna go down the apples and pears to get the dog and bone.
  2. I would just like to point out that all of you in England would be speaking german right now if it wasn't for Americans. Also Tony Blair is Bush's bitch....and news flash: you don't live in a monarchy, make the Windsors find fucking jobs.
  3. don't be so hard on yourself bro. just keep practicing.
  4. Re: PHOE TERN If i'm not mistaken didn't you and tomb start dissing them first? Now you want them to stop retaliating? Can't handle it?
  5. even ake will admit that he is heavily influenced by seaz, rest and quite obviously cyphe. nothing against him, but ake doesn't have the creativity in his whole body that seaz and rest have in one finger. hey dude. aren't you pushing 30? isn't it time to move out of mommy and daddy's house, and stop talking shit about graffiti on the internet? and by the way...the word is "has". and you're not a nigger, so stop talking like one.
  6. The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/2162/14269'> Rade/Rest/Lead/Seaz/Dave/Erupto http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/2162/14270'> Cypher http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/2162/14271'> Nims http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/2162/14272'> Resto http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/2162/14273'> Seaz/Rest http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/2162/14274'> Tokeo/Erupto http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/2162/14275'> Wizahat (do not put these on your stupid website.)
  7. I want ascending bowel cancer. that's fucking terrible! take this as positive criticism... i've seen your tags and throw ups around, and they're not too bad. but you need to work on your pieces, and your painting. you come on the internet and talk shit to a lot of people a lot of the time. it's clear that you've got a big head about the work you're doing. try pushing yourself harder and be a little quieter on the internet. you'll end up being a better writer and a more respectable person.
  8. Re: DailyBombingMassive Wow. Does anybody actually write in new bedford? Just toys?
  9. that last one is "so fresh"
  10. no need for blowing up spots now. carry on...
  11. doa IS garbage. do you really think these guys you're challenging are going to waste their time showing up? a "battle"? do you really want to have some sort of graffiti contest to embarrass yourself further? you all have the same early-nineties-fx-bitten style, and the newer kids i've never even heard of outside of the internet. get over yourselves and your inert effect on such a small city. stick to freestyling and drinking 40's.
  12. it's cool that he painted with dre, but where is the "va" on those vase pieces?
  13. Re: TUM/EDK/SBF/DFL/KUS/MHC no but calling one self a king does
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